So apparently the one true sewer of social broadcasting has disappeared from the internet and conflicting stories are flying fast and furious. Battlecam simply is “not” right now. No pages will load, no word on their fakebook or twitter sites as to their status, nothing but rumors and a bunch of assholes on Tinychat all […]

Contester Nocturne

Decades ago I was a competitive shooter. That can defined in more than one way, so allow me to clarify. I shot in various organized competitions, including (but hardly limited to) PPC, NRA 2700 Bullseye, IPSC, SASS and pretty much any 3-Gun competition in my area. Needless to say, my weekends were pretty well shot […]

Flour Pouer

The plot, much like the gravy, thickens. There are signs of old acquaintances sticking their heads up out of the holes they have been hiding in. I gird my loins in anticipation of battles to come. Having failed to resurrect the ghost of sites past, it appears they have engaged in a re-branding of sorts […]