Turn around. Don’t drown.

“Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.” – Douglas Williams

Hurricane Harvey made land fall on Texas a few days ago.  Many cities were evacuated (and are still being evacuated) due to the flooding and other conditions Harvey has brought them.  If you have seen the news regarding Harvey, you have probably seen some of the photos and videos of the devastation.  I think about my loved ones and friends in this area and wonder if they are okay.  Some of them are smart enough to wait it out, and some are just dumber than dumb. Those dumb ones would be the ones who are surfing in the streets, swimming in the culverts, or swinging from downed power lines.  I joke.

Yes there are some people who are dumber than a box of pickles. I find myself wondering why we constantly need to remind people not to do stupid things?  As a society we have to remind people “turn around, don’t drown”.  As a society we have to remind people to practice safe sex.  As a society we have to remind people don’t do drugs et cetera, et cetera. Why is this?  Did we forget to tell the younger generation how to be safe?  Did we forget how to use our brains?  Are we, as a society, really dumber than a box of pickles?

Why in 2015 was there an HIV outbreak?   Do we have to have commercials or public service announcements to remind people how to prevent the spread of aids?  During flash flooding, we are always reminded to “turn around, don’t drown”.  Did we forget that mother nature doesn’t care about how big and strong you are?  Did we forget mother nature can destroy buildings and a wee little human is nothing to her?  Should our TV programs be nothing but public service announcements rather than entertaining programs?

I once heard the term “dumbing down America.” I thought wow, that’s a terrible thing to say!  Years later (I hate to admit) it might be true.   Idiocracy is the perfect movie to encapsulate what I’m trying to say.


To all the Texans and Louisianians (and anyone else who might be affected by the hurricanes) I hope you are all safe.




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