In the Dock, again

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The Undisputed UK Champion of alcohol consumption is due back in court, once again, this week. Christopher While has to stand before some guy in a powdered horse hair wig and answer to charges concerning the possession of Kiddy Pr0n. This is a serious matter, until you realize that the court system over there is administered by people who dress like this:

Seriously, I mean damn.


I suspect if I were ever to find myself in a courtroom in the UK, I would have to be sedated. That’s the ONLY way you could stop me from looking at someone dressed like that and not just bust out laughing. Did these lawyers, er, barristers and judges commit some sort of offense themselves, and their sentence is to dress up like a Warner Brothers cartoon character when they come to work?

If it may please the court, until your lordship dresses like a normal human being, I am unable to enter a plea due to insanity. Looking at you is driving me crazy.

The roundness of the world in which we live

In what will be of interest to a bare handful of individuals, I discovered that King Crimson will be in Raleigh on October 26th.

Tickets purchased.

I am taking my little brother along so he can see Robert Fripp before the venerable gentleman retires.

Catfish will not be served.

Hurricane Irma Warning

Cherrybreeze, a social broadcaster on, has given valuable advice when faced with a hurricane.

Hurricanes and the destruction are no laughing matter.  If you haven’t seen the most recent devastation of hurricane Harvey then you might be living under a rock.  Most people remember hurricane Katrina and the havoc it created in New Orleans.  There have been many hurricanes in the past with as much wreckage as Katrina and Harvey, and there will be more in the future as that is the way the world works.

Recently I caught Cherrybreeze giving her opinions on the upcoming Hurricane Irma which is scheduled to hit the USA sometime next weekend. She believes Irma is to hit the USA this weekend, yesterday to be exact.

In light of my recent post, regarding the constant need to be reminded on how to adult,  I thought I would give her public service announcement more “air time.”

So remember, gather your photos, put them in your bra, and head to higher ground.  Men, you must put on a bra first, then gather your photos, put them in your bra, and then head to higher ground.

On a serious note (of course I’m going to have a serious note, hurricanes are not funny) please be prepared and take care of yourself and others if you are in the path of a hurricane.  There are many great websites on the internet, such as this one, if you are in need of real information on hurricane preparedness.

TOSsed or Not

I’ve said it before, it all depends on if the site owners like you or not if you get TOSsed.

A special thanks to a friend who sent these photos to me and who doesn’t like a friend that sends porn photos?  What better place to find porn than  The site owners get mad at you if you broadcast it on their main page.  Apparently there were some high jinks on another area of the site and it went unnoticed, or the caster is friends with the owners.


I’m not sure why people are still shocked that there are special rules for special people.  This happens all the time in life.  Think about it, you know I’m right.  Stop getting butt hurt over it and enjoy some free porn with the safety of no computer virus.

Thanks friend!!