TOSsed or Not

I’ve said it before, it all depends on if the site owners like you or not if you get TOSsed.

A special thanks to a friend who sent these photos to me and who doesn’t like a friend that sends porn photos?  What better place to find porn than  The site owners get mad at you if you broadcast it on their main page.  Apparently there were some high jinks on another area of the site and it went unnoticed, or the caster is friends with the owners.


I’m not sure why people are still shocked that there are special rules for special people.  This happens all the time in life.  Think about it, you know I’m right.  Stop getting butt hurt over it and enjoy some free porn with the safety of no computer virus.

Thanks friend!!

Cocoa Black

I'm a female, therefore I get to change my opinion at any time I wish. I do it often.

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    Gives a whole new meaning to the song Lollipop!

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    Gifted Likexmas


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    As far as I am concerned… NO midgets, NO pr0n.

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