Life lessons with Sarah62

Sarah62,  a social broadcaster, has given the world her life lessons.  After multiple DUIs, she learned this in a mandatory class as part of her probation.  Too bad she didn’t learn this earlier.

Paying bills are grown up problems.

Sarah62, a social broadcaster, has decided that responsibility is too much.

Earlier this year Sarah was jailed for a second (or maybe it was her 3rd) DUI. She sat in jail for a few weeks.  I don’t actually know how long it was and I don’t care; it’s not important in my opinion.  When she got out of jail she had some responsibilities. What a concept.  An adult having responsibilities?  Wow this is shocking news!

Apparently she doesn’t like having to pay bills or the fees associated with a DUI.  She also doesn’t like being on probation or having the government do their jobs like trying to keep the streets safe from drunken fools.  Speaking of fools, I don’t think Sarah knows how alcohol works.  She doesn’t realize that alcohol on the breath means its in the blood stream because she keeps saying it was on her breath.  Does she think it just stays in her mouth? Does she think it stays in her lungs only?

Someone very smart once told me “most of the population has a low IQ.”  Good luck in life Sarah. If sitting in jail is easier than responsibilities maybe you should just stay there.

In the event anyone was worried about her going back to jail, she didn’t. She’s been too busy posting photos of her boobs on facebook.


Saturday Night Wrestling

Who knew Saturday Night wrestling was alive in small town America much less Vaughnlive.

Apparently before WWE (or whatever it’s called these days) people in small towns all across America watched wrestling.  What’s shocking is that after the invention of real fighting such as boxing and MMA people still watch wrestling!

I was bored one Saturday night and happened on Vaughnlive, a social broadcasting site, and witnessed real wrestling, the fake kind of course!  Since I’m not into fake cat fighting and I’m not into girls I looked into the audience to see what types of people were there watching this teenage wet dream debacle.  I was not surprised, a bunch of men and maybe a few lesbians.  Maybe they thought it was mud wrestling?  Do they even do mud wrestling anymore?  I digress.

Bottom line guys: go to the strip club.  The girls show more and if it’s a trashy place they might touch you.


I’ve Been Catfished

Cookie, a social broadcaster, has met a fate which is due to most internet chat room goers, she fell for a catfish.

Cookie Lipchitz, aka Yetta Telebenda, has had a friend named Tripcode for at least a year (that I know of).  I don’t know the entire story and I don’t care.  The conclusion that I’ve drawn from Cookie’s rambling is Tripcode is a catfish and lives far far away from her. Rather than be embarrassed by the lies she believed, she embraced the truth.  Hell, she even bought a t-shirt to commemorate her catfish adventure.

I myself have been catfished several times during my adventures on the interwebs and sadly  I didn’t embrace it as well as Cookie did.  Maybe I can learn something from her. Sadly, I found myself hurt by the lies that were told and ashamed of myself for falling for the lies.

I often wondered if the inventors of the internet knew that it would turn out to be a place of lies and deceit.  Recently I found myself in a social situation (yes, I actually interacted with a real human being face to face) where I reverted back to dealing with internet trolls and thought to myself, wow I must spend too much time on the internet to have such a reaction. I wonder how today’s society relates to one another (since most kids these days connect with one another via text or some type of social app) and if doubt and distrust are their first reactions, as was mine recently.  What a sad world.  I digress.

There is currently a show named Catfish which I (now) watch regularly and have decided that either people want to be on TV or they are messed up in the head. I have decided that catfishing is here to stay; it’s very popular and easy to do.  The hard part is tracking down the fish. I am good at tracking people down due to my leet skills, yo.  In the end what is the point? There is no reason for the lies that were told and if there was a reason it most likely isn’t a “good reason” for the person who was fooled.

With all that said, I think Cookie’s attitude towards her situation of being catfished is a good one, she seems to be laughing it off rather than being sad, mad, embarrassed, ashamed, confused, etc.  If only we could have her attitude and turn the catfish into the fool maybe there would be less catfish.



When you hit the bottom of the barrel, PUT THE SHOVEL DOWN.

There are so many different ways to start this post. I could talk about The Actual Owner of The Biggest Steaming Pile of Horseshit on the Internet’s (hereinafter referred to as Miss Scruffy) severe mental issues. I could talk about Miss Scruffy’s repeated oath that no channel would ever be micro-managed. I could ask (rhetorically, of course) why there should even be more than one channel on that crap site when Miss Scruffy has decided she is going to run all of them by her (highly variable, subject to change depending on her mood, whims, medication dosage, mercury content) rules. What I think I shall do is pay heed to that old axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So there you have it. Scruffy’s neurosis at work and on display, micro-management, arrogance, engaging in an action that clearly exceeds any written term of service, all because this sick, sick woman is being driven by some inner demon to show off, to preen, to show her tiny, tiny little world that she is powerful and almighty, not to be trifled with, transgressed upon, argued with or ignored.

I am given to understand that her employee (AKA Mark Vaughn, Gout Boy, The World’s Greatest Coder, Mr Great Things Coming Soon, No ETA) closed Rectal_Exam’s channel shortly after this screen capture was taken. Scruffy, being dim-witted and simply not very intelligent is very surely and deliberately winnowing out everyone from her website (and it is hers, make no mistake about that) and will wake up one day and discover she has no one left to inflict herself upon. On that day, her life as she knows it will come to an end. It will just be her and Gout Boy, alone against the world, same as it ever was.

Sicut erat in princi­pio, et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum, bitch.

What’s Cooking?

We seem to have entered the horse latitudes of blogging here at Premium Hogwash.

Johnny Cardinal is not being seen (a major accomplishment, given that his girth exceeds that of the Death Star), Shitty Chris doesn’t have a court date until November, the only train wreck left on Vaughn Live is… Mark Vaughn, and the entire Scrag Collective seems to have scuttled underneath a rock somewhere.

Have you ever seen an unhealthier looking human being in your life? Pale white complexion? Check. Cheekbones and jawline buried underneath fat? Check. Dark bags under eyes? Check. Drooping eyelids and unfocused stare? Check.

Jesus H Christ, Mark! Get to a fucking hospital or go to a mortician, but do one or the other now. If you weren’t a full time asshole and proud of it, I would consider feeling sorry for you. As it stands, you look like you are doing your best to be another Johnny Cardinal.

The two things that still function quite well for Mark are his greed and his duplicity. Mark is still telling himself and his sycophants that he turned down ten million dollars for, a lie that would have likely made Joseph Goebbels choke on his schnitzel. In the meantime, this Tennessee Tycoon is also complaining about people using Ad Blocker, Kodi, and not forking over $15 per month to use his charming website. So at least you have that going for you, eh Mark?

Also, you have this amazing ability to failhard, looking like a clown by attempting to cash in on Christmas and having the Charlie Brownesque Christmas tree in the background. Should one laugh at this tableau of ineptitude? Should one cry that this autistic shut-in has been permitted out into the wilds of the internet? Perhaps I will just go with my initial reaction of disgust that anyone could think this was a good idea.

That’s where we are on the ides of October, 2017.


Katie the turtle?

I have so many different things to say about this post… some funny, some mean, some serious but all I can really deliver to you is my opinion: Katiekaboom does look like a turtle.

Katiekaboom, a social broadcaster on, broadcast her astronomical womba-wombas the other night in efforts to “look pretty” as she stated.  I think she was looking for attention and viewers but I digress. Whatever the case may be I told a friend, “Hey check her out.”  My friend responded with ‘she looks like a turtle’ and all I could see after that was turtle with boobs.  You decide.

No I didn’t show the photo of her and her watermelons because I felt sad for her; she looked like she was in pain and I felt sorry for her.


If you want to see them go to UK Muppets, they have video.