Katie the turtle?

I have so many different things to say about this post… some funny, some mean, some serious but all I can really deliver to you is my opinion: Katiekaboom does look like a turtle.

Katiekaboom, a social broadcaster on Vaughnlive.tv, broadcast her astronomical womba-wombas the other night in efforts to “look pretty” as she stated.  I think she was looking for attention and viewers but I digress. Whatever the case may be I told a friend, “Hey check her out.”  My friend responded with ‘she looks like a turtle’ and all I could see after that was turtle with boobs.  You decide.

No I didn’t show the photo of her and her watermelons because I felt sad for her; she looked like she was in pain and I felt sorry for her.


If you want to see them go to UK Muppets, they have video.



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