No Umbrella Needed

May the sun shine on the world.  Ok I might be a little tipsy.  Recently I bought a pineapple corer and I must say I am in love.  Not only do i have perfect slices of pineapple for all my pineapple needs, I decided to use the shell of the pineapple for a fruity frilly drink.  I found the need for a little umbrella dumb since I made a tiny hat out of the top of the pineapple.



7 comments on “No Umbrella Needed

  1. There are no words to show my appreciation! However, I have no problem spamming the fuck out of this and every other forum with an open comment section.

    SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAMMITTY SPAM SPAM. Now I feel like a cheap hooker. My mother was right.

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