Mandela Effect Is Real or Fake?

In my self-medicated state I’ve been obsessing with the Mandela Effect and the TV show Flipper.  The new generation and future generations will probably never know the TV show because it is another piece of history that is being erased or forgotten. Is this a result of the Mandela Effect or was it not a good TV show to remember?

I first found out about the Mandela Effect a few months ago while having lunch with a friend; I thought my friend was on drugs and disregarded it.  During the next few weeks after that lunch my friend showed me different examples of the Mandela Effect.  I still brushed him off but between my medicated state and the Facebook Scandal I’m thinking it might be real.

The Mandela Effect, put simply, is remembering things differently than how they actually happened.  I believe we all do this during our lifetime.  Such as Bob who was a drunken, thieving criminal during his life but once Bob dies he was a kind and loving man.  This happens often, people are thought of in high regards once they die when in reality people are held in low regard when they are alive. Except Hitler. I digress.  Another example would be we remembered something being really exciting or big in our younger years then as adults we see it and realize we were fooled.  Ah, to be a kid again.

With the little research I’ve conducted regarding the Mandela Effect, I’m only seeing it’s changing in different forms of media, such as a TV show or newspaper, which makes me think of George Orwell’s 1984.  In the book, Big Brother changes reality by having workers alter the past newspapers and other items, giving false facts. They change and re-change these facts over time.  With that much change who can remember what really happened?  Here is a little clip of the movie but if you haven’t read 1984 you should. It’s even on audio book for those of you who can’t read.

This is what I think the Mandela Effect is: SOMETHING happened in reality and now people are changing the record of the event and we are forced to remember it differently.  This would include changing the spelling from Berenstein Bears to Berenstain Bears.  Technology is amazing these days, while watching The Titanic I really thought I was watching real people on a cruise ship, but it was all fake,  all technology.  It seems most people can alter media pretty easy these days, for example, did you ever see people’s tinder profile pictures?  All of them have been altered to fit their needs. I digress once again.  I believe that with the ease of altering digital media, said media has become a playground for the Mandela Effect.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much time to alter the past or the desire to. Who does?  However, it seems many people do as there are several examples of it out on the interwebs.  Is Big Brother doing it? Maybe some teenage kids with time on their hands since they don’t play outside anymore? Maybe it’s some corporate conglomerate bringing us to such confusion that we will believe anything and accept their notions that they don’t over-charge us on everything.  Or maybe there is a secret society that has decided our world needs morals and they are changing history to make us a better human society?

Hmmmm, I’m going with corporate conglomerates or teenagers.  I must mention that it is thought that the Mandela Effect is created by parallel universes mixing with one another.  Hogwash.  The only thing mixing is my drink…. or is it drank?


Cocoa Black

I'm a female, therefore I get to change my opinion at any time I wish. I do it often.

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