The Holidays Can Be Hard

This time of year can be difficult for some people. For example, the bag lady of Ivlog is having an exceedingly rough time of it right now. Still pining for her young and star-crossed time-traveling paramour, we observe that Ruth Telebooth Yetta Telebenda is showing not only her sizeable bald spot (which, it appears she has been able to successfully lease as a helipad), but also a good inch or so of not-so-fashionable gray rootage.

You are cleared for landing.

I truly feel sorry for the poor hair dresser that will have to endure the hour or so of inane and befuddled Lipshitsian ramblings as Marjorie sees to her thinning coiffure in an attempt to hang on to the dimming memories of those bygone times when she was young and dinosaurs walked the earth.

One thought on “The Holidays Can Be Hard

  1. We are three days into the new year and this sad old woman is still ranting, raving and drooling about NOT BEING INVITED TO A WEBCAST.

    She really has this particular bug way up her barnacle-encrusted old colon. She is using the exact same words and phrases in a never-ending loop for the past 72 hours, simultaneously displaying her OCD and her complete lack of insight.

    The trained Buddhist of Ivlog seems to have latched onto a possession that she just can’t quite let go of.

    If you have to stomach for it, this is high comedy. I know this because Voltaire told me it made him laugh so hard they had to dig him up and tell him to be quiet.

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