Internets R Hard part CXXVII

Continuing a long and varied tradition of new and exciting errors and fuckups, Cram’s website currently shows users this little message: It is worth mentioning that I kept getting this screen even after a shutdown and reboot, coming in to Ivlog “clean”. Way to go, Cram. Your technical wizardry leaves me laughing every time. Maybe […]

Still angry, still balding

YellerTellerbeller is back and looking absolutely terrible. Cocoa Black actually called me and asked me to look in on the old woman. Cocoa was concerned that Yetta was puffy and misshapen and was perhaps nearing her end. While I did not disagree that Yetta is indeed looking more saggy as of late, I suspect she […]

Tears of the Weak

Okay, this should be simple, and I think for most of you, it is. There are Certain Individuals that haunt social media sites and they do nothing but lie and incite. I suspect that you, dear reader, could easily tick off a short list of them without putting forth any effort. These Certain Individuals are […]