Thank you, Roller

Way back a long time ago, in the dim prehistoric days of social broadcasting, I met a unique guy with the name of Roller. It was on Yahoo Live and for those of you who were on Yahoo Live… it was the Wild Wild West of the broadcasting world for a few glorious and insane months. Roller fit right in. He had a great sense of self-deprecating humor and was an early adopter of the webcam overlay packages that were available at the time. I was doing a show one night and he popped up on a guest cam, tinted RED as a fire engine, with animated flames coming up from the bottom of the frame and enormous horns superimposed on his forehead. He gleefully typed in chat “I’M IN HELL!, get it?”. He was never one to let his infirmity slow him down or get him down.

Roller loved what is euphemistically called “classic rock and roll” and loved to share his music with one and all. He fell into doing shows pretty quickly and made a lot of friends with equal speed. I never met a single person who didn’t like him once they got to know him, which leads me into a True Roller Story. He was doing a show one afternoon, and I sort of dragged a new-to-the-site female into his cast. She had never seen Roller before, and shortly after we entered his channel, she PM’d me and said “This guy looks weird.” I replied “He’s a quad, think nothing of it.” She replied “A quad? What’s a quad?” I realized I had not given her a detailed enough explanation, so I told her that “quad” was short for quadriplegic and explained briefly what had happened to him. To make a long story short, that woman never missed another of his ‘casts after that day. Once she spoke to him that first time, he worked that magical southern charm of his all over her and he had another friend for life.

When Yahoo Live bit the dust we all migrated to the various available webcasting sites and eventually washed up on the shores of BlogTV. There was an afternoon show on BlogTV hosted by a guy whose ID was justROBme2 (a nice guy, technologically challenged to be sure, but a nice guy) that was heavily attended. When Rob would sign off there would always be much discussion about who was going to go live next. Eventually, Roller took over the post-Rob time slot and an internet star was born. Roller’s sure-fire mix of mainstream rock and his easy manners coupled with a fairly friendly chat room began to attract more and more viewers.

One of Roller’s patented DJ Cat images.

As time went on, Roller began to trim his hours a bit and cut back on the number of shows. I assume there were probably some health issues driving this, but Roller was always 100% cheerful and “on” when he went live. No show was complete without cries of “Fix your shit!” and “UNMUTE, noob!” from the audience, tales of dropped sticks (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about), and a detailed description of what was for supper.

Sadly, Roller has passed away, and while his shows had become downright infrequent, I feel comfortable in saying that no one who saw him is ever going to forget him. He was a natural at entertaining his friends and it was a pleasure to kick back for a couple or three hours and just let Roller take over the controls. He was widely loved, respected and admired; he will be missed.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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    Dan Elbece

    Thank you Mr Mork. A truly fitting tribute to an amazing man. My wife and I were very close friends with him. We met him almost immediately after we made it onto Blog.Tv, which is about the same time he migrated there.
    His most amazing quality, in my opinion, was the fact that he NEVER complained about his condition. He could not even lift a finger to scratch an itchy nose or remove a wayward eyelash that was bothering him. But I never heard a gripe.
    Yet those that did not know him well never knew these issues. Instead, if one was lucky enough to attend his shows, they witnessed a master in his realm. A techno guru who could spin his magic by only using a stick in his mouth.
    I know he loathed the term FML (fuck my life), still used often by losers who complain about shit like “Ihate my job” or “this pot I bought is shitty,” pffft. If there was one person that could have deservedly used that term, It was Roller.
    But instead of bitching and feeling sorry for himself, he re-invented his life after the accident. He concentrated on his family and built his world with his astounding personality which drew him many close friends. I consider mydelf so lucky to have been one of those friends.
    I know for an absolute fact that Roller loved life. He told me so many times. For someone who was dealt such a cruel blow so early in his life, he turned out to be an inspiration for so many others on how life could be lived, no matter the obsticles.
    Now, As I mourn his passing, I am reminded of how much his life enriched mine, and how incredible another Human can be.
    Farewell Roller, you will never be forgotten. And I will practice one of your mantras that was my favorite for as long as I can: “Keep Rocking, Keep Smiling.”

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    You didn’t lose the link! Impressed, I am.

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