Yes this song is about you.

Yes Jane, this is about you and yes Jane, you are so vain. Jane1963, an annoying woman on, is the biggest narcissist I’ve ever seen. Any time she goes into a room, it’s all about her. She has to talk about her looks, her hair, her hands, her this, her that. She makes me want to vomit. She robs me of my ability to think or write in a coherent fashion. She makes my anus weep tears of rage blood. I wonder what happened in her early life that has made her crave attention from strangers. She is in constant need to receive compliments from others to the point that she gets in bikinis online. I decided to google the Jane1963 and found out that she was a broadcaster from the once famous Blogtv. I can only imagine how mind numbingly boring those casts must have been. I mean, how many times can one hear about Jane’s hair, or her nails, or her make up…. I want to put my brain in a blender just thinking about it. She also had a twitter account that she hasn’t tweeted on since 2015, weird for a narcissist. Say. maybe it’s because no one can SEE her on twitter and that’s why she uses the webcam sites. It seems when googling Jane1963 that I’m not the only one who would rather get a colonoscopy with a side order of root canal before hearing about Jane.

For those of you who adore Jane and wish to be the white knight to save her from my anger vomit, go ahead I don’t care.

I found this little video on my google search. Enjoy. WARNING – Have an ice pick handy to slam into your ear drums, just in case. You can thank me later.

Cocoa Black

I'm a female, therefore I get to change my opinion at any time I wish. I do it often.

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  1. HandsomeMork

    You will find this amusing.

    The subject of your post was in a channel when Faroe entered. I blurred the other people in chat as a courtesy.

    jane being stupid

  2. I discovered spam when I was a teenage girl. I was jilling off to my Bobby Sherman poster and was overcome with a ravenous desire for some sort of salty, meaty object to put in my mouth. I ran to ask my mother what she did when she was in the throes of an orgasm and needed something to put in her toothless pie hole. She recommended I give Spam a try after I put some clothes on.

    Since that memorable day my life has been much happier. Thank you, Spam.

  3. Self-Centered in Ian Land

    Why do you care if she is a narcissist? You sound mad that she has excellent self-esteem. What happened in YOUR early life to make you so obsessed with other people? You should take a page from her book and applaud your own accomplishments. Stop being so jealous of others who do not even know you.

  4. HandsomeMork

    The butthurt is real.

  5. Self-Centered in Ian Land

    Yes, Cocoa Black’s post is filled with butthurt. This entire blog is all about the writers’ butthurt.

  6. HandsomeMork

    Pick one. Pick both. Express yourself. Only by releasing the hurt of the butt can you find relief from the butthurt. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

    In the meantime, the writers of this blog will continue to do what they do, which seems to be working, judging from your comments.

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