“Learning” from the Mistakes of Others

When someone tells you to try to learn from the mistakes of others, the intent is for you NOT to make the same mistakes of those aforementioned others. Cram, the hipster BritFag owner of Ivlog, apparently has some difficulty understanding this concept. After watching Mommy Dearest Scruffy absolutely kill the People Section of her website by eliminating Guest Chat, Cram intends to follow down a similar path of restricting the anons from participating in his toilet website.

According to a Reliable InformantĀ©, here’s what Cram has planned for Ivlog’s future.

  • IF you have an account, you will be allowed to chat as a guest*
  • If you do not have an account, you can lurk but cannot chat.
  • Guest chat will be off by default, requiring the channel owner to activate it manually.

This is headed down the same road the Tennessee Internet Hillbillies pioneered just over a year ago. In case Cram has forgotten, that brilliant idea drove a lot of traffic to his site. Whither will you drive the traffic to, Mister Cram?

Cram is well known for his deft technical touch.

*Ivlog was founded by Cram as a site for him and his buddies to hang out after BlogTV sold out. Going back to the BlogTV days, the Cram crowd were always VERY touchy about who was in their channels. If you entered as a guest, it was a rare event not to be immediately accosted with a demand that you identify yourself (as if that made up account name was somehow a valid form of identification). When Ivlog first came into existence, it was a requirement that you had to register with your Facebook information, solely so Cram and his circle of friends would know who you were. When Cram finally realized his site would fail without more viewers, he relaxed this requirement, leading to several of his original site backers having a good old-fashioned hissy fit or three.

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