It’s September and…

September in North Carolina means back to school and here comes a hurricane.

This year, our first contestant is Dorian. Dorian has made lots of new friends in the Bahamas and is now coming to pay our kith and kin in Morehead and the Outer Banks a visit.

The current projected track will keep(?) Dorian out of Wilmington (this is good) but run it right through the middle of Morehead City and Beaufort (very bad), then inside the Outer Banks before it crosses back out to sea just north of Avon. So if you live anywhere between Bald Head Island and Atlantic Beach, the surf is up (WAYYYYY UP). Morehead and Beaufort look to get totally dicked… and maybe New Bern doesn’t get quite as hammered as it did last year. Maybe. The Outer Banks will get what they get every time: over-washed, Highway 12 will get its annual rebuild and the fishing will be spectacular.

Per the current track, once Dorian crosses out to sea, it doesn’t see landfall again until Halifax, NS.

As I bang this out, Wilmington is already getting banged on (high winds, lots and lots and lots of rain, tornado warnings… the usual) and this weather will show up in Morehead in about an hour or so. Tomorrow at this time, this will all be over – except I expect the effing power will be O-U-T and this year I am cooking EVERYTHING in my freezer as soon as I hit the “publish” button on this post. I hate having to throw food away.

So this is what I know. Have a splendid weekend.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. HandsomeMork

    US 17 is impassable north of Shallotte due to fallen trees and standing water, which is potentially bad news, as people trying to leave have only Route 130 inland (a small 2 lane road) or US 17 South towards Calabash, and they may not want to go south…

    Route 130 is 2 lanes of black asphalt and no shoulders to speak of with miles of woods and swamps on either side, one flat tire or other traffic mishap and there will be a miles long parking lot with exactly no where to go.

  2. HandsomeMork

    As of right now (00:10, or 10 minutes after midnight if you’re Cocoa), Dorian is roughly due east of Southport. The predicted track has been shifted to the east, which now keeps it out of Morehead/Beaufort and >narrowly< going east of Buxton.

    It was a very messy morning in southeatern NC, with 17 confirmed tornadoes touching down in the morning hours, along with 3 others just south of the SC/NC state line. I was watching the live feed from WECT and some of the damage to homes was fairly extensive. With roofs gone and the storm still effectively incoming, the water damage from the rain is going to make for some expensive repair bills.

    While it is a huge PITA when it happens to you, the damage in NC pales in comparison to the curb stomping that the Bahamas got. We have infrastructure here, and we rebuild from this sort of shit so often, we can practically do it with our eyes closed. The Bahamas are a bit different – no interstate highways to bring in needed supplies, building materials, etc. Life is going to be hard there for a good while.

  3. HandsomeMork

    And good morning. Right now, Dorian is almost directly south of Cape Lookout, which means Morehead City and Beaufort got their “miss”, although “miss” is sort of relative, right now winds are running about 60 mph in Morehead, which is below hurricane strength but by no means insignificant.

    By noon today the storm will be to the south of Buxton and the center is predicted to cross the Outer Banks there and then go out to sea. Happily, Dorian is finally picking up a bit of speed and is moving northeast at 14 mph, which doesn’t sound fast but when you consider that it crawled over the Bahamas at 1 (one) mph… well, shit like this happens.

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