A new land speed record

Yetta has decided to immerse herself in the Adam & Jessica mutual respect and admiration society. This remarkable 180 degree about-face took a matter of seconds to perform. I was impressed enough to capture the moment, thereby preserving it for historians who study the subject of humans who can jump a fence so fast they actually run into themselves.

I love it, but I would never do it, except when I talk about it, and that was only once, and it has been continuously.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you YettaTelebenda, having her cake and eating it too.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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    you think spam would go well with this tie? My mother picked it out for me, she said it matched my eyes. Yes, my eyes are made of rayon and polyester, also I like to rub spam on my groin and then visit the local animal shelter. It’s a special thrill, having my tiny wiener sniffed by animals whose names I do not know. Then I come home and watch re-runs of “Friends”. I am thinking about drinking a gallon of clorox soon.

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    Dawson awesome cawsum blossom big balled ape spam sad guts fart spam smelly drain spam draino goldfish spam.

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