Been a heck of a night.

My old friend Neil (Neil is an Irishman who lives in the lower Hudson Valley, and one of the finest people you will ever meet) and I were talking a few weeks ago, and we agreed that to a couple of average Joes like ourselves, it really doesn’t matter all that much who is actually sitting in the leather chair in the Oval Office. I assume it’s leather. For all I know, it may be Naugahyde. That would be be a shame. If I were President, I’d buy me a leather chair, with a high back so I could nod off (which I am wont to do as I get older).

Anyway, like a lot of “normal” folks, I still find myself getting a tad worked up over presidential elections (and thank god Bill Clinton is out of the picture, or we’d be getting worked up over presidential erections, and I’m sorry I even wrote that… ) so since around 23:00 I’ve been reading this site and that site and it seems (as always) there’s a whole lot of heat but very little light.

What I do have is a monster of a headache. I feel like a nail is being hammered into the socket of my right eye, which is somewhat unpleasant, as you may well imagine. Any time I get that “nail in the eye socket” headache, I go look at the local weather, because roughly 100% of the time, the barometric pressure is either rapidly climbing or falling. Tonight it is taking off like a damned rocket, and coupled with all the reading of both the learned and the ignorant I’ve been doing for the last 7 hours, this headache falls into the “blinding” category.

I tried laying down and convincing myself to go to sleep, but that effort was for naught, so I returned to my office for some relief out of one of those small plastic bottles. It will take a few minute to for the effects of the medicine to begin to work their magic, but in time, the pain will fade and life will be better.

This may be an analogy for elections. Maybe. Maybe not. I will leave that to the wise dead, such as Samuel Clemens, who ALWAYS had something absolutely spot on to say about most any aspect of the human condition. All I can can come up with is “Fuck, my head is killing me.”

So anyway, my thoughts for the evening are two-fold. Firstly, one pundit that I read tonight stated that whether you win, lose, or draw in this election, we live in a country where we can actually vote for the person we desire to be our leader, and in the known history of humanity, that privilege is actually fairly rare.  Secondly, the meds are starting to work and I am damned glad to live in an age where pain relief comes in plastic bottles at remarkably affordable prices.

All in all, it isn’t a bad time to be alive.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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