Regardless of the verdict of the Circus in Minneapolis, downtown is gonna burn yet again. I could refer back to my post of several months ago wherein the county coroner informed the *prosecution* that George Floyd died from an overdose, but no one needs to bother with facts when they have the story that has been repeated ad nauseum by virtually every media outlet in the world. Stories with headlines such as “Helpless Black Man Has Neck Crushed By KKK Loving Police” sell a lot more papers than stories that are titled “Overdose Claims Another Life”. So, this all makes sense from a business perspective, and screw anyone who happens to get caught up in the wake of the narrative.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. Officer Badman is found not guilty based on the evidence presented – riots, burning, undocumented shopping go on for roughly 1 week until nothing is left to burn or steal.
  2. Officer Badman is found guilty regardless of evidence, does/does not appeal – riots, burning, undocumented shopping go on for roughly 1 week until nothing is left to burn or steal.
  3. Officer Badman is found guilty, the ground underneath him splits open, Satan rises from hell and claims him on the spot – riots, burning, undocumented shopping go on for roughly 1 week until nothing is left to burn or steal.

There is no way around what’s going to happen. Short of sending in the 82nd Airborne Division with fixed bayonets and a decided willingness to use them, nothing is going to stop the second raping of downtown Minneapolis. If you live there, move. If you own property there… no one will buy it, so donate it to some left wing organization so they get to pitch in on the tax hike that is coming to pay for the clean up. And this won’t be confined to Minneapolis, no sir, not by a long shot. Why should their looters have all the fun?

This will be yet another summer spent indoors, avoiding downtown areas from coast to coast because every single one of them has the potential to turn into a war zone in a matter of seconds (be careful who you blow your horn at, etc) and will add a few more million first-time firearms owners to the rolls. It will suck for them, because last summer the shelves at the gun stores were cleaned out and are no where near replenished. Those first time buyers will have a very limited selection, prices will be at quite a premium (it’s called “supply & demand”) and ammunition… good luck finding any at all.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. HandsomeMork

    And now we waiting seven (7) weeks for sentencing?

    Sentencing delayed is sentencing denied. Or something like that. As was seen on twitter shortly after the verdicts were announced, “The next Pandemic will be the Blue Flu.” You are legally insane if you stay in that line of work. Retire if you can, fake an injury and go out on disability, apply for the Federal LEO jobs (because they DO get protected), but get outta that blue (or brown, gray, whatever color) local uniform now. You are all one call gone wrong from being made the next example of.

  2. HandsomeMork

    I am pleased as punch to be wrong about my assumption of what would happen after a guilty verdict. I just wanted to own up to the error.
    I’m also a big enough asshole to say that this show isn’t over (can you say appeals?) and I think there is a closet full of other shoes waiting to drop.

  3. Johnny Cochran

    Well, one of the shoes has dropped. Los Federales are charging all 4 of the former officers with civil rights violations making it clear to all in law enforcement that the 11th commandant is now “You shall arrest no negro who is not in the mood to be arrested”.

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