Printers, I hate them so very, very much

I despise a fucking printer. I honestly think it would just be cheaper and easier to have a full-time scribe sitting in my office and let them write out whatever I need to print. Bar codes might be a bit tricky…

So here I am, this damned Canon I bought to replace the Konica which I bought to replace a something or other isn’t printing for shit, and no matter how many clean head and deep clean heads cycles I run, it prints like shit. So, I am buying yet another damn printer.

I still have the Konica. It’s a beast of a color laser jet, but it’s a cool $500 to get new “ink” (yeah, I know laser jets don’t use ink, they use johnson and johnson talcum powder that goes everywhere, sticks to everything and never comes off. It’s great stuff). I bought a refill kit a few years ago and that was a waste of money, a waste of time and likely caused several people in my proximity to arm themselves because the crazy bastard on the 3rd floor had finally lost it for real. This is THE TRICK for printers. The printer is cheap. The ink… oh boy, do they have you by the short hairs on the ink. I looked at replacing the ink in this Canon I will shortly be throwing out, ink cartridges made by Mao Tse Dung are 10 to 15 dollah, while the Canon branded ones are $65. Hmmmmm, this is quite a difference. One set is crap (you do indeed get what you pay for) and the other set is grossly over-priced. So I am doing the only thing I can.

I just bought another printer. It’ll be here early next week. Going with a monochrome laser by HP that has refill kits that sell for around $20 (I ordered 2 of them with the printer). I expect the print quality will be crap for a laser, but hopefully I can get more than two years out of it.

Probably won’t.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. HandsomeMork

    Man, it showed up fast.
    Setup isn’t the breeze it ought to be. You supposedly have the option of connecting via a USB A/B cable (which they provide!!!!) but it wouldn’t work until I installed it as a wireless device. The power draw on start up is immense (a semi-common trait of laser printers) and dims every light in the office, BUT…. print quality was better than I expected. You get a page that looks like it was professionally done, lines and details are sharp as a razor. Also, and this may not be an issue for everyone, it’s waterproof and smudge proof.
    If you have need of a monochrome printer that delivers a professional looking product, this is a bargain, at least for now. Time will tell…

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