If you are a member of any guitar forum, you are always running into “HN__D” threads. It means “Happy New (fill in the blank) Day”. As an example, HNGD is universally read as Happy New Guitar Day.

After months of trying to run down someone who could make custom pick guards, I finally found someone in Canada that was willing to take on my project. Their results were perfect.

Charley Patton hitting the Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Custom Telecaster Pick Guard by GreasyGroove

The colors look a tad flat in the photo, there is actually a sealed gloss finish over the art work that is supposedly semi-impervious to the usual things guitars get subjected to (spilled beer, flipped cigarette butts, projectile vomit from the front three rows, etc). In any event, if you need a customized pick guard (or drum heads, mandolin pick guards, bass pick guards, and so on) go to Etsy and look for a vendor called GreasyGroove.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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