I haven’t posted anything in a long time.

Okay, what’s going on in the darksome corners of the internet?

Ivlog: Traffic appears to be down. This could be due to the usual seasonal drop off (it’s SUMMER! More sunlight, lots of stuff to do out of doors, vacation time, etc.) or it could be due to administrative shenanigans and some other questionable decisions that have come home to roost. Time will tell. (Have I typed these exact words before? I feel like I have.)

The Steaming Pile of Horseshit: We see that fatboy is begging for money because… well, that whole family would rather tell a laughably bad lie than utter the simplest truth. Fatboy made up some newer new rules for who could broadcast in the “People/IRL” section of his site (i.e., the front page), then he proceeded to define his newer new rules in a manner that would please a Philadelphia lawyer. I think it comes down to “if my mommy likes you, you can be on the front page, otherwise…”. The overall traffic seems to be steady thanks to the huge “Miscellaneous” section of his site, wherein one can watch virtually any TV show from the 70s and movies from all decades (including every stoner’s favorite category: Japanese Rubber Suit Godzilla Monster Movies). 

Glimesh: Now down to about 6 broadcasters, it just never caught on despite the implementation of FTL broadcasting ( a giant technical leap forward in terms of removing latency – “lag” to the Luddites). I have some thoughts on why things didn’t work out for them, but I have no public comment at this time, but I will, later.

Twitch: The 800 pound gorilla continues to dominate, due to it’s revenue sharing plan with every large-breasted woman in the world. Sex sells.

D-Live: With the collapse of the bit-coin, D-Live’s numbers are down. They are run by the Chinese (the BAD Chinese, AKA the Communists) and there have been some interesting interactions between some broadcasters and management, which has led to some good broadcasters saying “fuck this shit, I’m outta here.” I watched this happen one night from start to finish (first, second and third appearance of a moderator demanding that written proof of public domain status be supplied to D-Live regarding some cartoons that are literally 100 years old (and I’m talking OLD cartoons, the crap you can get on Archive.Org). The ‘caster shut the show down and never went back.

As far as personalities that we all know and have difficulty looking away from, the usual suspects are still performing their feats of legendary fucktardation (It’s a word now, dammit). On any given evening, (fill in the name of your favorite internet idiot) will be sitting in front of a live camera and microphone, proudly displaying their neurosis/psychosis/bad habits/addictions/lack of socialization/delusions and general tomfoolery like a crack addicted peacock. It is, in a sad way, comforting to know that some things never change.

Gas and Groceries… thanks, President Potato Head.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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