You won’t believe what they’ve done this time. On the other hand…

I’ve been Bamboozled!

It’s not often I go to, a social broadcasting site, but last night I was in for a little surprise and ended up bamboozled! (Vaughn) was the second broadcasting site I had ever visited, after JustinTV(JTV).  A friend I met from JTV introduced me to Vaughn after JTV closed down.  I was relatively new to JTV so when it closed unexpectedly it was no surprise or disappointment to me.  I frequented Vaughn for a while and moved on, like many other viewers have.  I suggest you ask HandsomeMork to explain why people move on from Vaughn if you would like more information on that subject.  I do visit Vaughn from time to time to see who might be broadcasting and I am usually disappointed, as there are no casters that I desire to watch.

Last night I wanted to be entertained so I visited all my normal sites to see if there was someone who, I felt, would entertain me.  To be honest, I needed something to blog about. After visiting the broadcasting sites I frequent, I wasn’t satisfied with what they had to offer; I visited Vaughn and behold a pink haired lady casting.  This should be a little interesting and I haven’t seen her before so why not visit her page.  I entered to see one of the most peculiar looking woman that I’ve seen before. I entered Michelle My Bell’s room; I assume the pink haired woman is Michelle, but we all know what happens when I make assumptions.  (I make an ass out of you and me….)  This woman did have pink hair, obviously a wig, but it appeared to be a newer wig and in better shape than some of the other wigs I’ve seen on broadcasting sites.  She appeared to need some maintenance on her upper lip.  I find this embarrassing for women who need beauty maintenance on their face.  I’ve always wondered why friends of  women in need of maintenance don’t tell them they need maintenance. I digress. This woman needed a severe waxing on her upper lip and I felt bad for her.  Michelle was wearing a cookie monster shirt which covered her very large yabos.  Did I mention very large? Wow!  Michelle had a lower voice than I expected and after watching her for a few minutes I realized this was no woman.  I had been bamboozled!  This was a man!  This man was dressing as a woman!  (I just bamboozled you into thinking I thought this was a woman the whole time.)

This man, or Michelle if she prefers, was seemingly having a good time and I did find it entertaining so I continued to watch.  As I watched it made me think about the transgender issues that are ongoing in our society at this moment.  I remembered watching Tootsie as a kid; it didn’t seem to spark a big debate.  I was a kid and debates about those types of things weren’t discussed with me or around my house to my knowledge.  Remember I was locked in the basement for 15 years, my opinions were not coveted.   I recall learning in school men would dress as women in the 1800’s during Shakespearean plays. (Yes, there was schooling in the basement.)  I wonder if there were whispers about those men who dressed up as women back in the 1800’s.  I did have to google a couple of things regarding transgender or “drag” to write this post.  Wikipedia had some good information, in my opinion, on the subject of drag and the history of it.  It turns out there were lots of movies that had men dressing up as women that I hadn’t noticed over the years, such as one of my favorite Christmas movies, White Christmas.  I had seen this before Tootsie and it never crossed my mind that this might be a ‘bad’ thing.

As I watched Michelle and thought about Tootsie and White Christmas,  I noticed a guest type in chat they were offended by Michelle.  Which leads me to say this: I am not going to enter a political war about transgender.  I have my opinions and you have yours.  Sometimes I miss the cellar and the protection it provided from political nonsense.

I also found myself wondering why would someone want to wear a bra?  I can’t wait to get mine off when I get home as do most women I think.

Like me! Like me! Like me!

I remember as a child getting the ‘do you like me’ notes.  I never got those notes daily asking me to Like, Subscribe, Friend or Follow.  Sometimes I happen across a channel or page that I find interesting and will forget the name of it.  I will save it as a favorite or write it down.  The constant junking of my email of subscribed things has made reading my email intolerable, forcing me to make new email accounts.  Now I have so many fake email accounts for all the subscribery (it’s a word now) and following nonsense that I can’t remember all of my email accounts.  I blame old age for not remembering.  Maybe I should start blaming my alcohol consumption for killing my brain cells since that is “cooler.”   I digress.  The constant desire for people to be liked and racking up those like numbers is, in my opinion, an adult way to get a trophy for doing nothing.

A perfect example: I was recently informed of two channels on Ivlog that are feuding over likes and music.  (I must say that this is all third party information. It is possible I might have the story wrong.  I have changed the names to protect the innocent/guilty.)  I refer to this as a “feud” when in fact one side thinks it’s a feud and the other side thinks its hilarious, meaning one channel is upset and moronic, and the other channel doesn’t care and finds it pathetic yet humorous.  I will touch on the moronic first.

It is possible for two channels to play the same songs or musical genre.  Some people consider this stealing music while others would consider this enjoying the same types of music and songs.  Now on to my point.  Channel Uptight Corncobs (UC)  is upset with Channel No Fucks Given (NFG)  because NFG has more green thumbs or likes.  UC reminds their audience frequently to like the show whereas NFG doesn’t mention it unless it’s to thank an audience member for liking their show.  UC has made comments during UC’s broadcast regarding this feud, causing more drama than is needed.  UC needs to relax and remove the corncob from their derriere.  Life’s trophy isn’t the number of likes next to your name.  If it is, then I’m failing at life.

Maybe it’s my upbringing; being locked in a closet for 17 years has given me the mental capacity to not care if people like me or I have a number of people who push a button next to my name.  If I were in a sick and twisted movie where people voted to kill me or put me in the Hunger Games then I would care.  Last I checked, social media/broadcasting is not life threatening. I digress again.

To articulate my point, I think the constant desire to have fake people like you is foolish.  If you have friends who communicate with you, hopefully in a positive manner, then you are liked, maybe even loved.


Risky Business

Let’s go over some recent history together, just the two of us.

In the opening months of 2016, the users of Possibly The Biggest Steaming Pile of Horseshit of the Internet saw a lot of this:

This was Gout Boy’s none-too-subtle attempt to coerce the user base of his dodgy website to give him a monthly fee simply to view a handful of social deviants and the chance to watch re-runs of the Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory.

The rational behind that image implies that there is a Technical Issue that is keeping you from accessing the site (video servers are AT CAPACITY!), but the text on the image makes it clear that you can BUY YOUR WAY OUT of that Technical Issue.

Shockingly, he got next to no takers on his generous offer. Imagine that. Instead of paying into his blatantly obvious and truly pathetic shakedown scheme, the user base sought various means of getting around Gout Boy’s self-engineered “outages” or they simply left his site, never to return.

Best laid plans, eh, Gout Boy?

Now it appears that their sights have shifted and it is the streamers, the providers of the “entertainment” and the streamers of old television shows and movies that are being told to pony up, lest they fail to connect to one of the fabulously expensive ingest servers that cost a king’s ransom for the Tennessee Tycoons of the World Wide Web to rent every month.

Now being charitable and cautious, I am mildly amused by this new attempt to extort money out of the users of his mother’s website, but if I were to be placing any wagers on the outcome of this, I would bet the house, the kid’s college funds and the 401K that this is gonna fizzle out just as gloriously as the Great Video Servers Are At Capacity Scam of 2016.

Gout Boy, you ain’t Amazon. NO ONE, EVER, is going to pay you for a fucking premium account. You suck, your mom sucks, your website sucks. Your track record of delivering on promises sucks. Your ability to keep your site up and running sucks. That adds up to a metric assload of suckage.

I don’t know what’s wrong…

… but I know how to fix it.

Gout Boy, the genius coder and the smartest human being to ever live, currently reports that he is uncertain as to why his site is experiencing issues, however he does know the solution to these issues is YOU buying a VIP account.

I swear, I could not make this shit up.

Human Excrement

I want to tell you a story. It’s a story that has to do with a human pile of shit that currently goes by “Dr. Dave” on different social broadcasting sites. I first ran into this walking pile of fly attractant a few years ago, and be damned if he didn’t surface again last Friday. In order to explain how I discovered this useless jackoff was the lowest form of life, we have to go back, far back in time and into the dark, dim recesses of the internet. Yes, we have to visit the days of BlogTV.

Once upon a time, there was this internet thing. It went by the name of BlogTV. Those of you who are reading this were probably there. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BlogTV, do a search on the web for “social broadcasting”, click on some of the links, then go visit your local mental health center.

One night, I am doing a show on BlogTV and some random user comes in, makes a comment about the music being played, and sticks around for a while to listen. After a few more tracks are played, he comments that my material is scrumtrulescent in all ways (these are my words, obviously). He asks where I am streaming the music from. I explained that I did not rely on 3rd party sources for material, that everything I played was sitting on one of my hard drives. I then put a link in chat that connected him to my world-famous SPREADSHEET OF TUNA. This random user seemed to be in disbelief at the number of tracks I had (at the time it was around 25-26K). I let him know that he could call out anything on that spreadsheet and it would be the next song up.

Mr Random User introduces himself as “Dave” from Beeville, Texas. Dave says he is unemployed, says he has a background in electronics, says he did some engineering work in radio and TV after he left the service, says he was a helicopter service technician in the service. He says the current job prospects in Beeville are dim. He asks me if I do regular shows on BlogTV, I tell him that I do random shows under my user ID, I do regular shows on a BlogTV channel called “1BlogRadio”, which is a collaborative  music channel made up of many many people who do shows covering a wide variety of musical genres. After a few more tracks, Dave says goodbye and off he goes.

A few days later, Dave is “on the air” on BlogTV playing his mainstream/AOR music. He becomes a fairly regular channel on the “Who’s On” menu, which makes sense. He’s got nothing else to do, BlogTV also gave him people to talk to and it kept him off the mean streets of Beeville. Just another guy, playing tunes, chatting with folks that drop into to listen…

…and then. One night I am channel hopping and I go into Dave’s channel. He is on camera in a US Air Force class A shirt with full colonel insignia on the collars, 5, maybe 6 rows of ribbons on his chest and the son of a bitch is telling one of the chatters he is a RETIRED FULL COLONEL from the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE.

Now I have to insert a bit of background about me at this point of my story. My old man spent 30 years in the US Army. He was a real bird colonel, he was a combat officer in 3 wars. His class A uniform had 3 (three) rows of ribbons. More to the point, I was born and raised on Army bases from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to Berlin, Germany. I spent my entire childhood, from birth to 18 years of age, surrounded by scores and scores of soldiers of all ranks, from the Spec 4 who ran the cash register at the PX to a division commander who was a MoH winner in WWII. I FUCKING WELL KNOW WHAT A UNIFORM LOOKS LIKE. Seeing 6 rows of ribbons on anyone’s class A shirt… that is just beyond rare.

So I log in to Dave’s channel, and immediately type into chat “That’s an awful lot of fruit salad you have on your chest there.”  Dave’s right hand immediately comes up and covers the ribbons. Then his camera goes black, then his channel goes off the air. Approximately two minutes later, his channel comes back up, and Colonel Dave is now wearing a T-Shirt.

I had further brushes with Col. Dr. Dave during the BlogTV era. (If you want details, catch me on Friday night during my show and I will bloviate endlessly about them.) He eventually showed up at 1BlogRadio and talked his way into that. His non-stop bullshit eventually motivated numerous good broadcasters to leave. Dr. Dave hooked up with RadioRockCafe and made them rue the day they met him. Dave’s highly elastic notions of truth and honesty have made him “friends” everywhere he goes.

When Dave is pressed about his show with the uniform, he flatly denies it ever happens. When he is presented with the details, he then declares it was all a joke. It never happened, and it was a joke. Right, Dave. Gotcha.

I heard that some woman in Canada fell for Dave’s on-air bullshit and invited him to the great white north, where they became husband and wife. I honestly thought no one could be that stupid. I was mistaken.

This past Friday, the obese mole-faced woman who was actually stupid enough to marry Dave (and hey, I guess I should thank her for getting his fat, lying, honor-stealing ass out of my country) came into my show on CamUpTV under a guest account and wanted to know why “Katz123” was banned. I told this Guest that I had never heard of Katz123. I asked this guest if Katz123 had other user names (CamUpTV is good for that, bans are IP based, so if you get banned under one account name, it auto-bans all your user IDs), the guest said nooooooo (which now made it obvious I was talking to Katz123). I asked Katz… er, I mean I asked the guest if they shared an IP with one of the 3 accounts I did have banned, the guest changed the subject. After my show was done I donned my internet cloak of invisibility and entered Dr. Dave’s channel and confirmed my suspicions:  Katz123 is Mrs Dr. Dave. I jumped from my chair and rushed to take a shower.

So the wages of trolling are reminding me about this story, and getting me to write it down where hopefully ones of people will read it.

Dave is a thief. He is the worst kind of thief. He sought to take honor that he did not earn and was not worthy to bear. He is scum and it is best that he remain in another country. Should I find that he has returned to the US in general and Texas in particular, I will personally alert every VFW chapter, every American Legion post, the DAV chapters, dude, I will fucking call the American Red Cross.

A walking pile of shit. That says it all.


Asking the Hard Questions

As is widely known across the blogosphere, PremiumHogwash is justly famous for its on-the-scene brigade of correspondents. Today, we have asked Our Man on Wall Street what his thoughts are about the ongoing trial of “Sexy” Chris While and the potential impact this may have on the spirituous liquors industry in Great Britain. What he has to say may sending you running to your telephone to place an emergency call to your broker.

In a nutshell, we were referred to this shocking graphic, showing what happened to the stock price of Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA (NYSE:BUD) (commonly known to most readers as “Budweiser”) when the undisputed queen of VaughnLive, Vikki70, passed away from causes unknown.

As you can see, the stock price of BUD nose-dived and has never fully recovered. It is rumored that the Budweiser distributor in Dallas, Georgia had to file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.

It is estimated that Vikki personally consumed upwards of 62% of all the Budweiser sold in the continental United States. With her passing, entire breweries were thrown out of work and BUD ultimately had to reduce its workforce by 38% over the next 2 years.

And this brings us now to Christopher While, who is currently “on the dock” in England for various infractions against civilized behavior.

Mr. While may be known to some of you. He is the uncontested champion of the British Isles when it comes to alcohol consumption. On any single evening, Mr While will consume enough liquor, beer, ale, lager, cider and wines both fortified and defenseless to allow the HMS Ambush to submerge to a depth of 500 feet. His consumption is simply remarkable.

Therefore the market is watching his trial with much apprehension. Should he be incarcerated, it is feared the entire adult beverage market in the United Kingdom would suffer a financial blow that could be equated to Armageddon. We reached out to spokespersons of several famous distilleries in the UK, their responses ranged from tight-lipped “no comments” to actually bursting into tears and having to be lead away by corporate minders.

PermiumHogwash will keep a close eye on this developing story from the green and sceptred isle and keep our readers abreast of any new developments.

General Incoherence

HandsomeMork has become saddened by the fact that another blog has shut down with no warning or no reason behind it.  I read on a different blog it was due to “it’s the same train wrecks and no new content.’  I wonder why this has to be?  Why does a blog have to be about train wrecks?  Why are good casters not praised for being a good broadcaster?  Can’t we have positive praise in a wold full of hatemongers?  Yes that was the word of the day on my word of the day toilet paper. I felt the compulsion to use it; compulsion, word of yesterdays toilet paper. I digress.  My point is, we all go to various sites to watch, sometimes we watch train wrecks and sometimes we settle into our favorite casters.  The non-train wrecks still cast and people still go there yet there are no stories about them.  They are news worthy because they keep the sites going.  We all keep coming back, whether it’s waiting for a train wreck to go live or to actually enjoy the caster.  Whatever the case, they keep the sites alive.

Most older people I know find social broadcasting sites odd, yet the kids all know what they are.  Most kids I know want to be youtube sensations.  Social broadcasting is alive and well and becoming more and more the norm yet we only talk about the train wrecks.  I do find it funny that most kids want to become youtube sensations and make millions of dollars by being goofy or playing games.  I wished this blog would make me millions of dollars yet I will wait for my government check to come in. Which is what those kids will do if they don’t go out and get a job.

This post has makes no sense.  I just needed a reason to use my word of the day or else my trip to the bathroom was for naught.

This kid makes me laugh

There is a kid on VaughnLive who always gets banned;  I’ve been told his name is Irelands Patriot. I can neither confirm nor deny if he is a patriot.  I don’t care if he is a patriot.  I’ve seen him before on Vaughn under several different names because he always gets banned.  I find it funny that he gets banned every time he shows up on Vaughn. I’m not sure of the back story why he gets banned. I don’t care about the back story. I do know that the Vaughns don’t like him cause he gets banned every time he broadcasts. If you know the back story please keep that to yourself, please don’t waste your time trying to teach me anything.  I honestly don’t care.  I don’t even care what he says, I only watch him to see the ban hammer pound on him.

While I sit in anticipation of the ban hammer I wonder why this kid continues to cast on Vaughn when they clearly don’t want him there.  There are plenty of other sites, why not go to those?  I’ve concluded that he enjoys the negative attention  he gets with the ban hammer.  Maybe his thing is getting banned.  I know he is relentless in casting on Vaughn and to be banned and that combination makes me laugh.

I would address the TOS issues that I have not seen him violate but lets face it, TOS doesn’t really mean anything.  If the site owners don’t like you, you get TOSsed.  (see what I did there?)


The Road Not Taken

So this evening I went by Possibly The Worst Steaming Pile of Dog Vomit on the Internet and I couldn’t find any of that HTML5ness that the pseudo owner/boy genius/late model Honda collector promised everyone was going to be there by “the end of June”. To the surprise of exactly NO one, anywhere on the face of this planet, the grotesque abomination that sprang forth from the mercury poisoned loins of Patricia “Love Handles” Vaughn has once again delivered a self-inflicted gunshot to his immensely gout swollen feet. I suspect that by now he doesn’t even feel a thing.

One day I will write a pamphlet concerning my Unified Theory of the Vaughn Molecule and its place in our universe, but that’s not why I am here today. No sir.

I am here to talk about one of those streaming sites that I tried for awhile and moved on. is a site that was started for and still mostly caters to Gamers of all shapes and sizes. Myself and a fellow miscreant of similar stripe approached the administrator of and asked if they would have any issues with us doing our Rock-n-Roll thing on their site. They were very obliging about letting us set up shop and were “there when you needed them to be”, otherwise they left you alone. Hmmmm, that certainly is an intriguing model for running a social casting website.

The downside to is one that many of you are familiar with: next to no traffic. Most people on are dedicated to their particular games. From time to time someone would wander in to our channels, rarely that someone would actually deign to say hello, but for the most part you really had to pack your audience in with you. The opportunity for channel/viewer growth for a music oriented show was deemed to be very low.

Since we left, we observe that there has been some diversification of the content. There are music channels, a news feed or two, occasionally I will see what looks to be a live round table discussion format show.

For those of you in search of a out-of-the-way site to do some trial broadcasting, might well be exactly what the doctor ordered.

(NOTE: I an not affiliated with, endorsed by, reimbursed, compensated, fed or given gratuitous hand jobs by anyone at I have no connection to them whatsoever, except as a former (semi-former? my channel is still there, but it hasn’t been used in many many moons) user.)

Saddened, I am

For reasons known only to Mrmacgregor, he has chosen to make the illustrious webcamwoodshed private, which means that common scrublords such as myself can no longer access its (admittedly sparse) contents. The link to access the chat box is here:

It is a good place to troll and be trolled.

What the world needs more of….

Attention, people of Earth (or Erf, for those of you who got a diploma because you aged out of the system).

PremiumHogwash has come into being to fill a void, a gap, a vast open zone of null created by Those Who Are No Longer Here (henceforth to be referred to as TWANLH). We are a professional group of citizens who have banded together to form the one true blog. Our area of bloginization (it’s a word now, damn it) will be social media, social media blogs and the authors that pertain thereto, food, music, culture, food (Hey, you already said food. Fuck off, I like food.), personal devices, humor, and animals (which brings us back to food).

PremiumHogwash is sparing no expense to bring you the latest in timely and informative news from around the globe. As of this writing, we have roving reporters stationed in Kula Lumpur, Tierra del Fuego, Constantinople, Kiribati and Bakersfield.

Best of all, we guarantee our blog information to be 100% accurate, unless it isn’t. You have our word on this.