This kid makes me laugh

There is a kid on VaughnLive who always gets banned;  I’ve been told his name is Irelands Patriot. I can neither confirm nor deny if he is a patriot.  I don’t care if he is a patriot.  I’ve seen him before on Vaughn under several different names because he always gets banned.  I find it funny that he gets banned every time he shows up on Vaughn. I’m not sure of the back story why he gets banned. I don’t care about the back story. I do know that the Vaughns don’t like him cause he gets banned every time he broadcasts. If you know the back story please keep that to yourself, please don’t waste your time trying to teach me anything.  I honestly don’t care.  I don’t even care what he says, I only watch him to see the ban hammer pound on him.

While I sit in anticipation of the ban hammer I wonder why this kid continues to cast on Vaughn when they clearly don’t want him there.  There are plenty of other sites, why not go to those?  I’ve concluded that he enjoys the negative attention  he gets with the ban hammer.  Maybe his thing is getting banned.  I know he is relentless in casting on Vaughn and to be banned and that combination makes me laugh.

I would address the TOS issues that I have not seen him violate but lets face it, TOS doesn’t really mean anything.  If the site owners don’t like you, you get TOSsed.  (see what I did there?)


The Road Not Taken

So this evening I went by Possibly The Worst Steaming Pile of Dog Vomit on the Internet and I couldn’t find any of that HTML5ness that the pseudo owner/boy genius/late model Honda collector promised everyone was going to be there by “the end of June”. To the surprise of exactly NO one, anywhere on the face of this planet, the grotesque abomination that sprang forth from the mercury poisoned loins of Patricia “Love Handles” Vaughn has once again delivered a self-inflicted gunshot to his immensely gout swollen feet. I suspect that by now he doesn’t even feel a thing.

One day I will write a pamphlet concerning my Unified Theory of the Vaughn Molecule and its place in our universe, but that’s not why I am here today. No sir.

I am here to talk about one of those streaming sites that I tried for awhile and moved on. is a site that was started for and still mostly caters to Gamers of all shapes and sizes. Myself and a fellow miscreant of similar stripe approached the administrator of and asked if they would have any issues with us doing our Rock-n-Roll thing on their site. They were very obliging about letting us set up shop and were “there when you needed them to be”, otherwise they left you alone. Hmmmm, that certainly is an intriguing model for running a social casting website.

The downside to is one that many of you are familiar with: next to no traffic. Most people on are dedicated to their particular games. From time to time someone would wander in to our channels, rarely that someone would actually deign to say hello, but for the most part you really had to pack your audience in with you. The opportunity for channel/viewer growth for a music oriented show was deemed to be very low.

Since we left, we observe that there has been some diversification of the content. There are music channels, a news feed or two, occasionally I will see what looks to be a live round table discussion format show.

For those of you in search of a out-of-the-way site to do some trial broadcasting, might well be exactly what the doctor ordered.

(NOTE: I an not affiliated with, endorsed by, reimbursed, compensated, fed or given gratuitous hand jobs by anyone at I have no connection to them whatsoever, except as a former (semi-former? my channel is still there, but it hasn’t been used in many many moons) user.)

Saddened, I am

For reasons known only to Mrmacgregor, he has chosen to make the illustrious webcamwoodshed private, which means that common scrublords such as myself can no longer access its (admittedly sparse) contents. The link to access the chat box is here:

It is a good place to troll and be trolled.

What the world needs more of….

Attention, people of Earth (or Erf, for those of you who got a diploma because you aged out of the system).

PremiumHogwash has come into being to fill a void, a gap, a vast open zone of null created by Those Who Are No Longer Here (henceforth to be referred to as TWANLH). We are a professional group of citizens who have banded together to form the one true blog. Our area of bloginization (it’s a word now, damn it) will be social media, social media blogs and the authors that pertain thereto, food, music, culture, food (Hey, you already said food. Fuck off, I like food.), personal devices, humor, and animals (which brings us back to food).

PremiumHogwash is sparing no expense to bring you the latest in timely and informative news from around the globe. As of this writing, we have roving reporters stationed in Kula Lumpur, Tierra del Fuego, Constantinople, Kiribati and Bakersfield.

Best of all, we guarantee our blog information to be 100% accurate, unless it isn’t. You have our word on this.

Battle of the Network Stars Fail

While watching TV this past weekend I saw a commercial for the new Battle of the Network Stars.  I was excited to tune in; I watched this as a kid and enjoyed watching all my favorite actors and actresses battle it out in different competitions.  I especially liked the dunk tank because who doesn’t?  Back then I watched the original Wonder Woman Linda Carter, Michael J. Fox of Family Ties, Tony Danza of Who’s the Boss, and Lisa Welchel of Facts of Life who during that time were stars on high ranking TV shows.

So tonight I tuned in with hopes of seeing anyone from The Walking Dead (yes I was hoping to see Daryl kick some ass), Better Call Saul, Black-ish, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story just to name a few.  I was expecting to see a few from reality TV show contestants as a few of those peope have turned their 15 minutes of fame into stardom.  I was even expecting to see a Kardashian or two cause lets face it, I can’t watch anything without hearing or seeing them.  I was disappointed, no Daryl.  Not even a Kardashian, just a few old 80s-ish actors.  If I didn’t have pains in my body I would think I was a kid again.  The only thing I found of interest was Rhonda Rousey was a team captain.  So this is what she’s doing now team captain of a crappy television show?

Will I tune in next week to see Variety shows vs TV Sex Symbols?  I’m pretty sure I will as I am good at couch potato-ing.