The 2021 Ice Storms

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The above pictures were all taken around noon on February 13. By that time the power had been out for over six hours. Limbs were continuously breaking off all around the house and crashing to earth. I went indoors,

threw my medicine, a book and some clothes into a duffle bag and drove south until I saw less ice and evidence of electricity. I ended up in Butner at the Quality Inn until late Tuesday afternoon, when Duke Power

indicated I had electricity. My return home was to be somewhat brief, as the following morning the National Weather Service said another major ice event was inbound. I did my laundry, then packed up my meds, a book and more clothes.

Taking a look at the areas that were predicted to be affected by ice, I drove to Smithfield and stayed at the Best Western until Friday morning (Feb 19), when Duke Power said I had electricity and the local news channels were

in agreement that the ice was rapidly leaving the area and temperatures were rising. There were "new" trees down on the road on my return trip, but overall conditions were much better than they were on the 13th.

The pictures below were taken on the morning of Friday, February 19. As with the above images, please click on them to embiggen.




By 2PM, it was in the 40s and the ice was gone, leaving a wonderful mess for my yard man to take care of when the ground dries out a bit. By "a bit", I mean "a lot".

I have had my fill of winter for the year.


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