Ibanez AS73B-BKF

Oh, the wonders and joys of the Ibanez naming "system", a system so convoluted and tortured that Ibanez cannot explain it (or likely understand it, either). In any event, what you have here is a guitar that was obviously made for Darth Vader. If there is a more sinister looking instrument on this planet, I have not seen it. You kids with your lightning bolty, zig-zaggy, skull-n-bonez shred machines can just clam up. This is a full scale semi-hollow behemoth finished in the blackest black that could be devised. The monolith from 2001 wishes it was this black. Nigel Tufnel pointed to this guitar and said "This! This is what could be blacker than my album cover!" And having said all that, this thing plays with the sweetest voice you can imagine. As usual, Ibanez gives you as much (and usually more) for your guitar dollar as any other guitar company in the world.