Gibson Government Issue II Flying V

There's a tale to be told about these guitars. Do a search for "government vs gibson" or something along those lines, then kick back and read for a day or two. To make a very long story very short, the government raided Gibson (not once but twice) because Gibson is run by a guy who is a Republican Party donor. The governement accused Gibson (and only Gibson) of having violated the Lacey Act and imported a whole mess of protected wood. The government seized this wood with much ballyhoo and hoopla and on cue, the CEO of a certain other manufacturer, who uses the same exact wood, is a Gibson competitor AND just happens to be a big time Democratic Party donor (big time: he contributed roughly 17 times as much money to the Democrats as the Gibson CEO contributed to the Republicans) issued numerous press statements loudly denouncing Gibson for tree rape or something equally dispicable. In any event, lawyers did their lawyering, Gibson got to spend a lot of money to prove they did not violate the Lacey Act and eventually the government had to give Gibson their wood back. I said I was gonna make this very short, didn't I? In any event, the Government Issue guitars are made from the wood the government seized. They come with a fancy certificate that outlines the story and the guitars come in "Government" colors with a special seal on the pick guard. The first series are olive drab and have green cases, the second series are tan and come in black cases. Numbers are very limited across all models. If you can get one, grab it.