Heritage H-155 M

Heritage Guitars are made at the old Gibson Plant at 225 Parsons St in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The history of how Gibson ended up moving out of Kalamazoo and Heritage Guitars was born from that move can be found elsewhere on the net. Suffice to say that the folks at Heritage have been making the finest guitars in the United States for decades, regardless of the logo on their paychecks. The one below is a custom ordered H-155 M with all the trimmings. It features an upgraded maple top, the translucent purple finish (you have to ask for the fancy top and the purple finish, they tell you how much extra it is, you say yes), ebony fretboard with real mother of pearl inlay, Seymour Duncan's Seth Lover pickups, double f holes with white binding, etc., etc. This was a once-in-a-lifetime guitar, so the bells, the whistles, the kitchen sink, all that stuff got added. Call them up and tell them what you want; they are very nice to deal with.