Epiphone Les Paul Junior

Meet a genuine Epiphone knockoff. A new Gibson Les Paul Junior will set you back a fair piece of change, about ten times what this one cost, and if you are after an original LP Junior... those things are crazy expensive. The Epiphone copies vary widely in quality and cost, but as long as the neck is on straight, you have a platform to build on, and that is exactly what I did with this guitar. I started with a "Black Friday Special" LP Jr. that was being used as a loss leader to get people into the store. Most everything about the guitar was rough, but the neck was on tight and it was straight. I pulled everything off of or out of the guitar except the truss rod and the truss rod cover. Black hardware was the order of the day, which included tuners, pickguard, bridge with adjustable saddles, pickup surround ring, strap buttons, output jack plate, and screws for everything (and I mean everything). I also put in CTS pots and did some touch up soldering on all the connections to insure there were no cold joints. Much elbow grease was used dressing the fret edges, as they were the roughest part of the guitar as it came out of the box. The end result is a "Black Out" LP Jr that now plays quite well and features a fairly striking appearance. It does not get confused with other LP Juniors in a crowd.