John Backlund's Marz 6

A few years ago, a man named John Backlund posted a picture of some guitars he had designed and one of them really (REALLY) caught my eye. I contacted Mr Backlund and was informed that the guitar, the Marz 6, was one of two in existence. A gentleman by the name of Marco Krijger from the Netherlands had hand built one for Mr Backlund and kept the other for himself. John said basically that was it, there didn't seem to be any plans on the horizon for the Marz 6 to ever go into production.

Fast forward to late December of 2017. Eastwood Guitars, which had built several of John's designs in the past, decided to see if they could crowd fund a sufficient number of Marz 6's to justify the expense of production. Talk about a Christmas Miracle. To make a long story short, the requisite number of orders (and more importantly, deposits) were placed and the Marz 6 was suddenly a go. Mine arrived in June of 2018 and while I do not have an exact number of production, I feel I am pretty safe in assuring you, oh gentle reader, that there are fewer than 50 of these in the world. In point of fact, there are probably less than 40. So here we have a guitar that looks like it stepped right out of an episode of the Jetsons, or perhaps this was Flash Gordon's personal guitar. In any event, this is by far the most unique item in my small collection.