The Madness Continues

On Monday, I got an email. I was being summoned. My attendance was requested. My presence was required. In the local dialect, I was being told to “gitcher ass in gear an’ get on down here, son”. Given the subject of the email, I complied post-haste. In the second week of July of this year, […]

Meaty Penne

Years ago I found a recipe for a penne pasta bake type meal.  I absolutely loved it!  For some reason my roommate at the time hated it and threw my recipe away.  I have been searching for something similar and so far I’ve found nothing that comes close to it.  I’m giving this recipe a […]

I’ve been Bamboozled!

It’s not often I go to, a social broadcasting site, but last night I was in for a little surprise and ended up bamboozled! (Vaughn) was the second broadcasting site I had ever visited, after JustinTV(JTV).  A friend I met from JTV introduced me to Vaughn after JTV closed down.  I was relatively […]