Staying Cool in the Summer


I’m a big ass fan of keeping cool in the hot summer heat and I try lots of gadgets to help me keep cool.  I usually stay inside the refrigerator during the summer, it reminds me of the time I was locked in the refrigerator as a child.  I haven’t found an air conditioned bodysuit in my price range so I try other gadgets to keep me cool when I’m out and about in the city.


Today I’ve tried a cooling towel which I bought at my local big box store.  The item claims to keep you considerably cooler than the outside air and provides cooling relief and offers to keep you comfortable while doing your favorite activity at home or on the go.  I stress the ‘you’ because this didn’t keep ‘me’ considerably cooler or comfortable.

I chose my stylish color cooling towel and while opening the package noticed an offensive smell.  As I was inspecting the smell (yes I put the package to my nose and smelled it) I was wondering what chemical was this towel doused in?  It was a smell I don’t recall smelling before but it was foul.  The texture was what I thought it was going to be, that of a big shammy towel (chamois towel if you prefer), you know the towel for cars.

After I got over the smell, no it never went away I just got used to it, I wet the towel by placing it in a big bowl of water.  I donned my towel and went outside; I quickly noticed that the towel heated up to my body temperature.  Now I was currently wearing a wet shammy that was hot.  I was disappointed.  I wanted the cooling towel to keep me cool not annoyed, which is what I was becoming.  They should have named it the annoying towel.

I will not be using this towel and I hope the smell of the towel mingles well with the other smells at the landfill.

As I type this I find it might be a good cheap gift for people I am required to buy gifts for.  It will appear as if it’s a thoughtful gift but secretly I will know they will be annoyed.

If you have ideas on how to keep cool please feel free to tell me.

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    Sounds messy. I like it.

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