In the Dock, again

(Editor’s Note – this story refers back to this article: ) The Undisputed UK Champion of alcohol consumption is due back in court, once again, this week. Christopher While has to stand before some guy in a powdered horse hair wig and answer to charges concerning the possession of Kiddy Pr0n. This is a […]

Hurricane Irma Warning

Cherrybreeze, a social broadcaster on, has given valuable advice when faced with a hurricane. Hurricanes and the destruction are no laughing matter.  If you haven’t seen the most recent devastation of hurricane Harvey then you might be living under a rock.  Most people remember hurricane Katrina and the havoc it created in New Orleans. […]

TOSsed or Not

I’ve said it before, it all depends on if the site owners like you or not if you get TOSsed. A special thanks to a friend who sent these photos to me and who doesn’t like a friend that sends porn photos?  What better place to find porn than  The site owners get mad at you […]