What’s Cooking?

We seem to have entered the horse latitudes of blogging here at Premium Hogwash.

Johnny Cardinal is not being seen (a major accomplishment, given that his girth exceeds that of the Death Star), Shitty Chris doesn’t have a court date until November, the only train wreck left on Vaughn Live is… Mark Vaughn, and the entire Scrag Collective seems to have scuttled underneath a rock somewhere.

Have you ever seen an unhealthier looking human being in your life? Pale white complexion? Check. Cheekbones and jawline buried underneath fat? Check. Dark bags under eyes? Check. Drooping eyelids and unfocused stare? Check.

Jesus H Christ, Mark! Get to a fucking hospital or go to a mortician, but do one or the other now. If you weren’t a full time asshole and proud of it, I would consider feeling sorry for you. As it stands, you look like you are doing your best to be another Johnny Cardinal.

The two things that still function quite well for Mark are his greed and his duplicity. Mark is still telling himself and his sycophants that he turned down ten million dollars for breakers.tv, a lie that would have likely made Joseph Goebbels choke on his schnitzel. In the meantime, this Tennessee Tycoon is also complaining about people using Ad Blocker, Kodi, and not forking over $15 per month to use his charming website. So at least you have that going for you, eh Mark?

Also, you have this amazing ability to failhard, looking like a clown by attempting to cash in on Christmas and having the Charlie Brownesque Christmas tree in the background. Should one laugh at this tableau of ineptitude? Should one cry that this autistic shut-in has been permitted out into the wilds of the internet? Perhaps I will just go with my initial reaction of disgust that anyone could think this was a good idea.

That’s where we are on the ides of October, 2017.



Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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