I’ve Been Catfished

Cookie, a social broadcaster, has met a fate which is due to most internet chat room goers, she fell for a catfish.

Cookie Lipchitz, aka Yetta Telebenda, has had a friend named Tripcode for at least a year (that I know of).  I don’t know the entire story and I don’t care.  The conclusion that I’ve drawn from Cookie’s rambling is Tripcode is a catfish and lives far far away from her. Rather than be embarrassed by the lies she believed, she embraced the truth.  Hell, she even bought a t-shirt to commemorate her catfish adventure.

I myself have been catfished several times during my adventures on the interwebs and sadly  I didn’t embrace it as well as Cookie did.  Maybe I can learn something from her. Sadly, I found myself hurt by the lies that were told and ashamed of myself for falling for the lies.

I often wondered if the inventors of the internet knew that it would turn out to be a place of lies and deceit.  Recently I found myself in a social situation (yes, I actually interacted with a real human being face to face) where I reverted back to dealing with internet trolls and thought to myself, wow I must spend too much time on the internet to have such a reaction. I wonder how today’s society relates to one another (since most kids these days connect with one another via text or some type of social app) and if doubt and distrust are their first reactions, as was mine recently.  What a sad world.  I digress.

There is currently a show named Catfish which I (now) watch regularly and have decided that either people want to be on TV or they are messed up in the head. I have decided that catfishing is here to stay; it’s very popular and easy to do.  The hard part is tracking down the fish. I am good at tracking people down due to my leet skills, yo.  In the end what is the point? There is no reason for the lies that were told and if there was a reason it most likely isn’t a “good reason” for the person who was fooled.

With all that said, I think Cookie’s attitude towards her situation of being catfished is a good one, she seems to be laughing it off rather than being sad, mad, embarrassed, ashamed, confused, etc.  If only we could have her attitude and turn the catfish into the fool maybe there would be less catfish.



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    I have checked your website and i have found Jesus looking back at me. Jesus is pretty mad, because he doesn’t like spammers, so I am going to go into hiding, change my name and drink heavily until I forget who I am. Then I am going to go to San Francisco, get AIDS and live on the streets. There I will find the love of my life, a hippie chick with braided armpit hair and rubber dentures. Together, we shall create a new Master Race of Welfare Babies until the Robot Overlords arrive and bathe us in their purifying disintegration rays.

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    Thanks for your post right here. One thing I would really like to say is spam. Just a mile of spam.

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    I didn’t realize the beast was still alive. I feel bad for the miserable bastard.

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    Mr spammy pants

    !That could be a bit inaccurate. Will you clear up some misconceptions for me please? 🙂

    I love Cookie and want to put spam in her butthole and piehole.

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