Beefy Goulash

What is Goulash? After reading up on goulash, I did add paprika.  I also add paprika to my deviled eggs, maybe I will start calling them goulash eggs?  I joke and I digress. This was an incredibly tasty meal.  I used turkey instead of hamburger meat as I like to be difficult and experimental.  I […]

Garden Vegetable Soup

The temperatures have been dropping which means it’s finally time to heat up the kitchen with lots of great food.   People, and by people I mean my Doctor, have been asking what I’ve been eating.  Today I’m eating Garden Vegetable Soup which I find taste fabulous!   It took me forever to cut up […]

Socially secure

I have succeeded in reaching a life-long goal. I am now old enough to go on Social Security. This means that I am FINALLY going get some (all? more?) of that money back that was yanked outta my pay checks going back to 1972. All you youngsters can just put a cork in your cheese […]