Flour Pouer

The plot, much like the gravy, thickens.

There are signs of old acquaintances sticking their heads up out of the holes they have been hiding in. I gird my loins in anticipation of battles to come. Having failed to resurrect the ghost of sites past, it appears they have engaged in a re-branding of sorts and have chosen a most unlikely place (or three) to reappear.

An interesting bit of history to be filed under “What Might Have Been”: As some/all of the reader(s) of this blog know, at one time I was utilized as on-air talent by RadioRockCafe (hereinafter referred to as RRC). I was very much the red haired step-child while I was there, but I was there, nonetheless. When the owners of RRC first acquired the blogtv.ca domain, they debated engaging in a GoFundMe or some similar internet-based means of raising funds. I asked the male third of the RRC beast a very direct question – how much do you need? I was rather un-gently rebuffed and told that this was information I did not need to know. Sigh.

Okay, backup and try again, and ignore the pigheaded stubbornness demonstrated by French Canadians.

Okay, it is more than $20,000? No.
Is it more that $15,000? No.
Is it more than $10,000? It is less than $10,000 (and wouldn’t it have been easier to have just told me that up front?).

On hearing that less than ten thousand dollars needed to be raised, I said something to the effect of “doitdoitdoitdoit”. If Steven Jones could raise in excess of 14K given his reputation, the RRC guys should have easily been able to do 10K.

Within a small number of days of this conversation (and by small, I am talking 48 to 72 hours) I was no longer associated with RRC. This was very fortunate timing for me, as I was going to “prime the donation pump” by dropping $1,000 into the till to get the ball rolling. And if push had come to shove, I could have just underwritten the whole goddamned thing.

Being only human, I dare not lie and say I don’t enjoy the schadenfreude that the entire blogtv.ca debacle has generated. I had my concerns that the beast that was RRC was getting into bed with a person of very, very questionable character, but the excitement of bringing blogtv back from the grave overwhelmed my sense of caution and I was quite close to doing something colossally stupid. It is abundantly apparent from this distance that the entire blogtv.ca project was doomed from day one. I know many people had their hopes raised that their “paradise of the internet” was going to be restored to them (trust me on this much, it would NOT have been the same, given the people involved), but as Thomas Wolfe noted almost 100 years ago, you can’t go home again.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    I can fell the pouer of lurve cursing threw you veins!

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    Vains? Vaynes?

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    Gifted Likexmas

    Yes. I cint spall.

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    I am a frog.
    I like Cheese.
    I have surrendered to random Germans and wet myself whenever I hear a loud noise.
    Do not make me tell you more.

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    I tried to leave many spam comments on this blog. My failure in achieving this is immense.

    I need to go home and rethink my life.

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    I posted a metric assload of spam links here, but due to the nigh unto omniscient vigilance of the webmaster, none of them saw the light of day.

    Truly, the number of ways it sucks to be me is beyond counting.

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    i like cheese.
    in my butt.
    with a spoon.

    1. Cocoa Black
      Cocoa Black

      This is my favorite spammer yet.

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