2018 Brings Change

Happy New Year everyone!  People usually think about the past and how the new year will be a better year.  Some people use the new year as a ‘reset’ if you will, a time to break bad habits and form new ones.  Some people see it as just another day.  The only difference for me will be rewriting or typing 2018 instead of 2017.  (Yes, I just typed 2017 then had to backspace to change it to 2018.  I digress.)

Vaughnlive.tv is on the “new year new beginnings” route.  They have decided to remove guest chat.  I wonder if this will save them a little money and that is why the change.  After very little thought I’ve concluded they need more “new accounts” as trolls can create many of them. I’m assume with the site dwindling the number of new accounts hasn’t grown.  Whatever the case, say goodbye to guest chat friends.

Click here and read for yourself.

Happy New Year!

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    Guest chat and Vaughn Live

    After 6+ years we have decided that it is time to retire guest chat on Vaughn Live. At this point in time it no longer fits with the vision we have for the site. Guest chat was once a fun way of quickly interacting with others but in recent time has become a tool for malicious trolling. While this feature was off by default, some broadcasters would turn it on and not moderate their chat at all. And many new broadcasters would be pushed by viewers to enable guest chat simply so folks could hatefully troll them.

    Rather than add more hoops for the malicious guests to jump through when banned (as it is we IP ban them left and right), we felt it’s best to move forward without guest chat. You will still be able to view chat without being signed in and you can easily create a free account to chat. This change will allow us to better focus our time on those that enjoy the site rather than those that wish to harm it and its community.

    RIP guest chat 2011-2018

    Guest chat will be disabled across all VaughnSoft sites in the next 24 hours.

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