Stupid or Liars? Stupid Liars?

A certain web site that recently disabled guest chat is getting some feedback.

Several broadcasters have simply disappeared from the site, which leads me to think they have voted with their feet and moved on to other websites. All I can say to them is WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG? Oh well, better late than never.

Certain other broadcasters are continuing to brown nose Goutboy and his mercury exuding mother. Most of their postings concerning the removal of guest chat consist of a variation on a single theme: “Thank you so very much, Goutboy, for cutting off guest chat so I no longer have to deal with all those awful trolls.” This is great except for one small, tiny, miniscule problem. The ability to cut off guest chat was ALWAYS there. Every single broadcaster has always been able to simply cut it off.

So this means that either the brown nosers are so fucking stupid they were unaware of the chat control options they had available to them (very doubtful) or they are lying through their unbrushed, nicotine stained teeth. It is entirely possible that in a couple of cases, they are doing both (lookin’ at a retard from the PNW).

There is a third possibility that cannot be entirely discounted. Goutboy and his mother, the Queen of Mercury, are both serial sock-puppeteers. I would be totally unsurprised to find out all of the alleged positive feedback is coming from Columbia, Tennessee. It’s exactly the sort of thing they would do.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    Such pettiness! Oh well, off to warmer climates for a while.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    I just realized that I was not clear. I refer in the previous comment to the pettiness of the brown nosers and vaughnites. Keep calm and return fire.

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    We developed spam as a substitute fo’ spam. We aren’t very smart.

    Oh damn, my spam has failed.

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    spam master Xenu

    I had something witty to say, but then I discovered spam and the joys of anal prolapses. Now, I am truly happy.
    “Chop his dingus off.” – Caligula

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    I exposed spam to radioactive minerals and arrived in Houston with a glowing tape worm. Now all my friends won’t talk to me. Whatever shall I do?

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    Whatever you think, I believe that spam will save the universe. Lord knows it has made my underwear smell ever so much better.

    I live in Portland, where we enjoy our annual Cram The Spam fest. Please ignore us again this year!

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    Spam O'Spam

    Spam, nothing but spam. As far as the eye can see.

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    As I got up off my boyfriend’s backside, sweaty and caked in a mysterious brown layer of crusty funk, I pondered the significance of spam in my life.

    Yes, spam has been on my mind a lot lately, and no amount of anti-psychotic medications can keep it away. Deep in my psyche (and my colon) there exists a special place for spam a place that is dark, mysterious, humid and sweltering. Like a chimp propelling a tricycle up the on-ramp of an interstate highway, I feel committed to a course of action that will take me somewhere, hopefully to a golden west where sodomy is appreciated as the art form I know it to be.

    I like to spend my time reading Archie comics and rummaging through dumpsters behind drug stores, looking for expired ladies products that I can integrate into my role-playing when it’s my turn to host the Denver Society of Degeneracy meetings. For me, nothing says deviancy like spam in the pooper.

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    Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

    I have no idea what I’m talking about. There are stars coming out of my toe nails.

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    We stumbled over spam as we blindly make our way down the grocery aisle.
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    I was curious if you ever considered having sex with a large can of spam? I was curious myself. After years of putting my fingers, model rockets and baseball bats up my hershey highway, I decided to join the big leagues and move on to groceries. The first time I got that can up in there… well, I’ll tell you, I felt just like Hillary Clinton did after she became president in 2016.


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