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Out with the old in with the new, maybe.  I’ve been looking for ways to amp up my broadcasts as sometimes I find that I bore myself.  It’s pretty bad when one bores oneself!

I decided to do what most people do and try to copycat what others do.  I did a little research as to what brings in the viewers. I viewed my normal sites such as Ivlog, CamUp, and Vaughn. I’m not sure why that is one of my regulars, bad habits are hard to break I guess!  I then checked out Twitch and StreamMe.  I feel weird looking at YouNow because it appears to be a bunch of children and I’m not trying to get myself into trouble.

It appears broadcasting video games is the way to go.  Look at the amount of viewers! Almost 50K??  Wow people love games!  This is unfortunate because I’m terrible at video games.  If I had to play and win a video game to save my life you might as well be prepared to attend my funeral.  Imagine the obituary, death by lack of video games.

There are a few other ideas that come to mind such as being a full on internet DJ, broadcast movies or news, create things, or drama.  Can I bring myself to be a real internet DJ?  Fuck no, ain’t no body got time for that.  While waiting for my government check to come in I still have responsibilities like watch the neighborhood.  I have diligent notes to take regarding the comings and goings of the neighbors.  I mean that day Mrs. Ruth’s husband came home early, whew that was a close one for her boy toy to leave out the back door!

Can I rebroadcast movies or news?  Sure I can do that, but then you have make sure you are entertaining everyone.  There is always that one person who complains about whatever you are playing, right Handsome Mork????? (Yeah, I’m looking at you.)  In regards to rebroadcasting the news, well that creates drama because everyone has their own views on politics and most people on the internet can’t accept people having different opinions.  Besides, the news is depressing and I would rather watch cat videos.

Can I create things?  Let me think about this… I can create poop, food and mucus. Man can I create some mucus; my nose has been going crazy lately.  My allergies are out of control!!  I don’t think people would want to watch me blow my nose or have snot running out of my nose all day.  I didn’t see that once on any of my research.  It’s either trendsetting idea or a terrible idea.  I digress.  Am I creator?  I’m a creator of a lot of things but nothing extraordinary that people would want to watch.

Can I create drama?  Yes I can create drama but that too is a lot of work that I don’t have time for.  Maybe I will cast the Ruth Family’s house as I have put a few cameras in their house. Don’t judge me!

I did come across Watch My Plants Grow and found this interesting.  Not entertaining, but interesting.  I thought at first it was going to be in fast forward but it wasn’t.  The cast is just watching some plants do what they do.  Which is nothing in a matter of minutes or hours.

I will continue to bore myself and my few wonderful regulars who come to entertain me and keep me company while the Ruth’s are out on their regular date night.  A new family moved in a few houses down, The Browns, I believe they will be entertaining as the police were there this morning.



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    I am puzzled as to what you might possibly mean regarding anyone complaining about your content.

    I know that I sit quietly and complacently by, calm and still, basking in the brilliancy and genius of whatever you choose to stream, secure in the knowledge that I am in the presence of a true master of social broadcasting, one who is incapable of error or misstep of any kind. I regard myself as truly blessed and fortunate to be allowed to observe your unique abilities at work.

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    Oh… wait. THAT content.

    Yeah. That shit has just GOT to stop.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    Well there is the “watch my goats and chickens roam around the yard’ cast. It seems to be popular. Maybe you could do that … Only with puppers!

    That or rebroadcast midget Asian porn!

    Your choice.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    OR since someone we know will not do the sexual advice cast as was suggested, maybe that could be your new niche?

    And cameras casting people’s daily activities would not be anything new. I watched a girl sleeping on her couch just this morning. And then this guy came in, woke her up, and then they had breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean…. they cooked bacon and eggs.

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    That sounds highly provocative.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    She was wearing sweats, so yes.

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    So…. she was just asking for it.

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    oh and I forgot before .. concerning the idea of puppers cam! The puppers should have toys to play with while they are being watched. I heard once that ethernet cables make good doggie chew toys! Maybe you could do that!

    AND Yes HMork, she was just asking for “breakfast”.

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    Gifted Likexmas

    Gifted Likexmas ^^^^^

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