Is Menelllie getting old?

What has happened to Menellie? I once viewed old Youtube videos of him where he was being goofy or in the bath.  I thought there was one where he covered himself in a pie or maybe that was another broadcaster.

Whatever the case, I find him boring now.  I was shocked to see him multi-broadcasting on this weekend.  I guess he, like most, wants more viewers.  Maybe he’s trying a new site so he can leave Ivlog. I’m disappointed in him that he is either getting old or has grown up.  I always tune in expecting something fun and nonsensical.  I guessed I missed out on his zaniness.

I would ask him but I don’t care and I probably wouldn’t be able to understand him anyway.

Cocoa Black

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    I have no idea what language he speaks, but it damn sure isn’t English.

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