I get back to this…..

I must say I was a bit disappointed when she stated she bought a new toy and this was it.

I’ve been out of town, actually I’ve been stuck in a Guatemalan prison for reasons I can’t say at the moment. (When the press obtains the story I will give my story to Handsome Mork first then sell it to the press for one million dollars and attorney’s fees.)

I arrive back to Handsome Mork telling me that Cookie Lipshitz has actually found this blog. I couldn’t believe it, the blog has arrived (not really)! I checked out Cookie’s social media broadcast on Ivlog.tv tonight to hear her ramble on about bike lanes in New York City and thought of her in a police hat (it made me giggle), and then it happened. She mentioned the blog! Cookie, please, say the name of the blog, come on. If you are going to mention this blog, say the name of it. I would hate for others to think of a different blog, and they are out there aren’t they?

During my absence Handsome Mork wrote a post about revolver maps, which seems to be a widget to show where your IP address is physically located. Please see Handsome Mork’s post about revolver maps for all the details. It seems Cookie had revolver maps on her Ivlog page but due to a site policy change, no one on Ivlog is allowed to use IP trackers anymore. In the absence of said widget she bought herself a mini globe to tell her where all her viewers were viewing from. She also asked to have her photo taken so she can be on the blog. Ask and ye shall receive Cookie.

Cocoa Black

I'm a female, therefore I get to change my opinion at any time I wish. I do it often.

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  1. YettaTheTelebenda

    FACT CHECK: “Somebody’s Watching Me,” about Revolver Maps, was written way back in February 2018. “HandsomeMork” has recently written a few blog pieces specifically about me. He can’t stand me. His hatred for me literally vomits off his fingertips. Go read his recent blog posts about me.
    read: Voltaire? Volare!
    read: My Homework Assignment
    and read: Fish Story, in which he tries to denigrate my upcoming art show, SCRIBBLE: CHAT GRAFFITI.
    You have missed a lot.
    He is fixated and obsessed with me. He drank my special blend of Kool-Aid and he writes pieces that are intended to vilify and insult me. They are filled with absurd spins and self fulfilling prophecies. He clearly doesn’t get my brand of comedy or my tongue in cheek self-effacing humor. He is the new “Rodney.” He can join the vast club of many others before him who despised me and built homages to me in many forms all over the internet. They were actually transparently crafted fan letters and shrines to me. All the creeps and weirdos faded away and I am still standing. Soon, HandomeMork will also be typing with invisible ink.
    Well, I should thank him for the free publicity. But he needs to seriously get over me. Or go to rehab. He’s got it bad and that ain’t good.

  2. HandsomeMork

    OH NO! I have vomiting fingers! Literally!

    Stay tuned for my next post, “Nauseated Knuckles, or Dizzy Digits Done Did Disgorge De’ Dinner”.

    It may get messy, so wear a raincoat.

  3. Cocoa Black

    Ms Cookie, or Yetta if you prefer, you are correct. I have missed a lot as I was locked up in a Guatemalan prison.
    I wouldn’t agree that he is fixated or obsessed with you. Also, I don’t know who “Rodney” is and I don’t care.
    Good Day.

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