‘Tis the Season

In an event that we all saw coming, Yetta’s unrequited lesbian love for Lizzy is no more.

Yetta is a harsh mistress, and apparently Lizzy’s behavior failed to pass muster, leading Yetta to label Lizzy a “sleaze”. Yetta spent a rough 24 hours defending her judgemental behavior, alternately declaiming that she had not in fact called Lizzy a “sleaze” per se, but had labeled Lizzy’s behavior (repeat the word “behavior” three times then write it in chat) “sleazy” and then stating that it really didn’t matter if she had called Lizzy a sleaze or not, as the truth must be told, and Yetta – being a direct descendant of Moses (just ask her) – is the preeminent giver of the law and truth.

So now we come to Yetta, sitting in her channel, chat set to “ops only”, insulting her listeners as “uneducated”, “willfully ignorant”, “fools”, “lacking in understanding” and so on. Yetta has lots of experience in failed relationships, and all of those failures have one common element. That element is Marjorie Levine. Lack of understanding indeed, Yetta.

Per Yetta, Lizzy will not respond to any PMs and so Yetta had no choice other than to ban Lizzy from her channel. This information comes directly from Yetta, so look for the story to change by noon tomorrow. It always does.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. Cocoa Black
    Cocoa Black

    All of my relationships fail too. I blame Yetta… that bitch!

  2. Avatar

    Last night Yetta was on crying to the Heavens that “Liz-ZAY” did a New Year’s Eve show on the ivlog and did NOT send Yetta an invitation, engraved or otherwise.

    The butthurt was real; in Yetta’s own words, it hurt her.

    Yetta has it bad for this sweet young thing, and the pain of the unrequited love is more than the old woman can bear.

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