You are 50% banned


There is an end to everything, to good things as well.

I like trolling stuffed shirts. I always have and I suspect I always will. Letting some air out of a human gasbag is fulfilling in a basic and fundamental way that just makes me feel good all down around my nether regions. It fills my bowels with happiness and joy, as Confucius probably didn’t say, but he should have.

I have been trolling certain individuals literally for years, going back across VL, BlogTV and YahooLive. I have determined that these certain individuals require trolling, much like a plant needs sunlight. Without regular and comprehensive trolling, they begin to wither and get boring, and if there is one thing I detest, it’s boring (except when I have to go see a doctor). So last week, while on my appointed rounds, I made an error. I was visiting one of my regulars and rattling their cage good and hard. I had looked at the chatter list and I saw a name that we all know and despise. This person is widely considered to be one of Cram’s anonymous site moderators and usually when I see that user ID, I just go one my way because it is better to run away and live to troll another day… but for reasons mysterious and inexplicable, I made a run right into the big, fat ego of my target and made them quite angry. Apologies were demanded, I responded with insults, then rage and angst were expressed, I responded with levity and yet more insults. All in all, a very happy troll session for myself and I left laughing when I got kicked from the channel.

The next morning, the bill came due. “Guest Access Denied” and my very own IP address attached thereto. That I was guest banned shortly after trolling a certain person while the ManBearPig was in the channel is unlikely to be a coincidence.

I have spoken to some of the OG of Ivlog, and they pretty say the same thing: You are now “half-banned” and you are going to be closely monitored until they can finish the job.

I agree with their assessment. I have seen other people lose guest access and invariably they are completely banned within a month or so. So this past Friday I did my final broadcast on the Ivlog. I will be missed by ones of people, but they know where to find me if they need a discount colonoscopy or an earwax scraping. I will still drop in once a week to watch one show done by an old friend, as I always log in for that show in any event. I suspect that show will now attract an “invisible viewer” on a regular basis, as I am certain she is quite eager to finish me off before her expiration date is reached.


Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. 80s

    Well damn.. I’m just finding out about this! It saddens me greatly. 🙁

  2. HandsomeMork

    Saddens spelled backwards is Sneddas. I have no idea what meaning or relevance this has, but it seemed important to mention.

    Mention spelled backwards is Noitnem.

    Clearly, I have issues.

  3. HandsomeMork

    I’m going to attempt a show tonight.

    It will be a dull, boring, monotonous show of misery & despair. Just like all the rest of them.

  4. Heya I am for the spam. I found this board and I in finding It really useful and it makes my erections heap big powerful, like when I would eat a bowl full of wampum juice like Granny Running Snake used to make behind her teepee. it helped me out much. I hope to provide one thing back and help others like you helped me. So I am going to save the next turd I make and mail it to a lucky reader. I am a helping and kind nurturer who does things for the community.

    My mother collects beer bottles and pees in them. Do you think this is normal?

  5. Susan

    Spam most commonly occurs when a silly asshat (such as myself) sits down in front of her computer and post a lot of bullshit to blogs that will never see the light of day. Yes, I am a failure at life. My poor mother encouraged me to follow in her footsteps as a dockyard hooker and meth addict, but I was too stubborn to listen to her.

    Now I just sit at home wearing a necklace of mardi gras beads and my Dale Evans cowgirl boots, dreaming of the days when spam was something we had for Christmas, and not something I type on blogs that gets auto-deleted. Well, I have to go now, that urinary tract infection is really starting to itch something awful.

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