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I read an interesting article this evening that predicts imminent martial law in the United States. By imminent, we’re talking within the next two weeks. The thrust of the article was “go right now to where you want to be for the next two to three months, because that is where you will be staying”.

Coincidentally, this morning I was speaking to a family member who has an offspring in the USMC. He advised his father that it is fairly likely interstate travel may be restricted in short order. That raises some interesting issues for folks with far flung families and people who live near state lines.

As an example, there is a town not too far from where I am sitting right now that does a great deal of business with folks from our neighboring state. Simply put, the nearest Wal Mart to these out-of-statersĀ  is located in this state. If you go to the shopping center that this Wally World is in, easily a full third of the license tags in that parking lot are from the other side of the border. If the border is closed, do they then get to drive an extra hour to buy their ration of toilet paper and frozen chicken?

There is yet another town not too far away at all from where I am sitting right now that has the state line running directly through its middle. If a resident of this town wants to mail a letter and the post office is across the invisible line, do they get to drive to Nexttownover to mail it? And what if the fire station or police department is on one side of the border and a bandit starts a fire on the other side? There are gonna be a SHIT TON of details to work out over this state line thing.

If your elderly parent/grandparents/aunts/uncles live in Florida (as an example) and have a stroke, fall down and break that hip, or lose their spouse, will their be some form of compassionate relief to allow folks from elsewhere to get there to help out in this time of need? Again, gonna be a SHIT TON of details to work through here.

This is going to be an interesting year for anyone graduating from school at any level. Graduation ceremonies, proms, senior class events, etc. are all canceled. Final exams are likely going to be problematic as well, so anyone with marginal grades that was looking to cram for that final to try to pull their grade up is well & truly fucked. Those pictures of Junior in cap and gown posing with proud mom and dad will not be taken in 2020.

Amazon has already announced they are prioritizing shipping of merchandise based on category. So if you want to get the kids an X-Box to keep them entertained, you might be out of luck here. Amazon says they are focusing on shipping baby products (because babies just don’t care, they will keep on turning baby food to yellow poop) health and household goods, beauty and personal care, groceries, industrial and scientific products, and pet supplies. So They will send out Q Tips, soup, dog food, diapers, lip stick and light bulbs, but the other stuff… maybe not so much. So the point is, if there is something you think you might want, right now would be a good time to get it.

If the power goes out, there will be trouble.

Of course, there’s always a bright side to things:



Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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