Got myself an Annie

Being an old man, I figured I may as well get a .22 that was a step or two up from a 10/22 (not that there’s anything -wrong- with a 10/22, mind you), so I talked to one of my cousins who, along with his charming Mrs, competes at a professional level with .22 caliber rifles. After talking with him for some number of hours, I had settled on getting one of the top end CZ models, when he said the fateful words “one more rifle to consider is the Anschutz…”

Well, after doing a couple of days of research into Anschutz sporting rifles, I called my cousin up and to make a long story short, I ordered a 1761 with the threaded barrel.

I had to get some optics and there was a six month wait on my tax stamp for the can (which, based on my last stamp, was not a long wait at all), and getting the right rings turned into a saga unto itself, but in due time everything came together. Now I wait for some decent weather so I can run off and find out what particular brand and flavor of ammunition this rifle likes to eat. My cousin gave me some RWS, Eley, Lapua, SK and Aguila to try out, I have gathered up some Norma, CCI target and a few other American made brands.

I’m looking forward to going out with one of my uncles (which, coincidentally, is the father of the aforementioned cousin) and spending the day poking holes in paper. 



Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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