I’m cutting to the chase here. After successfully playing hermit since the beginning of 2019, on Saturday, Aug 14 I went in to town and found someone who was infected with the Chinese War Virus.

By that evening, I was in intense pain – every joint, every muscle, every fucking bone in my body was screaming in pain, and then the fevers started and at that point everything becomes very disjointed for the next few days.

So anyhow, on Friday I got a Covid confirmation test (and for all you wanna be doctors at home – THANK YOU, I KNOW ABOUT THE MEDS. I AM OUTSIDE THE TREATMENT WINDOW ON ALL OF THEM. Just let it be).

So now I deal with coughs, hacking up a bit of blood from time to time. less persistent fever, headaches, a strong desire to shoot my goddamn phone the next time it rings. general fatigue, reduced mental clarity (some of you may make your own jokes now) and just generally feeling like 40 pounds of shit in a 5 lb sack.

I suspect in the next one to two weeks I will be better or I will be dead, and then you can argue about who I was, was I real, he’s faking, he isn’t really dead, he just smells funny. To say that I will not care will be an immense understatement.



Woe is me. Everyone hates me.

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  1. HandsomeMork

    So I’ve decided I’m gonna live. Still have a nagging cough and commensurate congestion, my innards have not completely calmed down (no surprise, since I basically did not eat anything for 5 days or so), still easily fatigued, BUT…. I do not believe this encounter with the Great Chinese War Virus was quite enough to kill me.

    Better luck next time, Chairman Xi.

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