50th Anniversary "1962" Sorrento E452TDN

Here we have an Epiphone that plays as well as better than any of its Gibson cousins. The Sorrento is a true hollow body, and that makes for a terrifically light guitar to hang from your shoulder. Did I mention this thing can play? This guitar is just unreal. The Sorrento was introduced in 1962. 50 years later, in 2012, Epiphone produced 1,962 Sorrentos in Natural finish and Royal Olive, both of these finishes being "period correct". (They did the same anniversary runs for two other 1962 models: the Sheraton and the Crestwood.) You can find these reissues for sale from time to time on Reverb or E-Bay and sometimes you can get a deal. They tend to be well taken care of due to their anniversary status. Typically the original buyer wanted one of these just to gaze upon, so when they come up for sale you usually see them in good shape. Check out the gorgeous gray/blue case, which is also period correct.