Peavey T-15 AKA The Mississippi Mustang

Peavey has an interesting place in the history of American Made guitars. The (unverified) story behind this is that the owner of the company was a hunter and had a large collection of rifles. He was looking at the rifles he owned and the guitars he was building and wondered why the fit of metal to wood was so much better from rifle to rifle than it was from guitar to guitar. He discovered that numerous rifle manufacturers had all gone to CNC machines to cut out their stock blanks and a great big old light bulb came on over Mr Peavey's head. Hartley Peavey became the first guy to use CNC machines to "cut out the big pieces" on his guitars, and that is now standard industry practice. The guitar below is a T-15, which is the short scale version of the T-60, which is the original mass-produced CNC guitar. The nickname of "Mississippi Mustang" came about due to Peavey being based in Meridian, Mississippi, and the short scale length of an old Fender model called the Mustang (which you can still get, even though Fender screwed up and made the scale length longer. All hail the 23.5" scale length. HUZZAH!